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Do you love downloading and playing games but hate spending money on them? If so, you're in luck! Here you will find a manually curated list of the 100% legally free games to download without any limitations, without ads, and no trials. We have chosen the best games from over 1000+ free downloadable games available on our website based on quality and popularity among our players and fans.

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Best Free Games to Download and Play

Goodgame Big FarmFree Game Downloads, Rating 4.5
Goodgame EmpireFree Game Downloads, Rating 4.4
Totem Tribe 2: JotunFree Game Downloads, Rating 4.3
City RacingFree Game Downloads, Rating 4.4
Cradle of Rome 2Free Game Downloads, Rating 4.4
AquascapesFree Game Downloads, Rating 4.1
Azteca BubblesFree Game Downloads, Rating 3.9
Roads of Rome: New Generation 2Free Game Downloads, Rating 4.2
Fishdom 3Free Game Downloads, Rating 4.5
SupercowFree Game Downloads, Rating 4.4

Download Games for Free and Play Offline

We have many gaming genres available to choose from: action and racing games, classic games and strategy games, indie games and sports games, hidden object games and multiplayer games, and even 100 top games ranked daily by the number of games downloaded. You can always use filters to see new games sorted by date of release on our website, popular games based on the number of game downloads, and best matches based on the user’s game ratings.

Why download games from Gametop?

While popular gaming platforms like Microsoft Store, Epic Games Store, App Store, Google Play, and other similar websites give away just a few free video games, and offers are often limited to just a few days, and very few of those games and apps are suitable for casual gamers or family-friendly. Most games like Apex Legends or Rocket League take hours to download, require expensive hardware and graphics cards to run smoothly, and take up a lot of precious space on your storage drives.

Most of the downloadable games we offer to take just a few minutes to download and install on a Microsoft Windows desktop or laptop and start enjoying the gameplay, almost all of them do not require a connection to the Internet and can be played offline. You can download games and install as many as you want, with no limitations in gameplay. You can even download games and install them on multiple computers, share favorite game files with your friends or family members, and everything for free! No limitations on game downloads and all are legal!

Thousands of free games for you to try out!

Choose from the thousands of games to download for free that you would like to play, like the ones we feature in this list. Install and enjoy the gameplay for as long as you want! Have you finished one popular game? Just find another you want to add to your game library, download and start playing a new video game again! We often release new games to download for free so visit our website often and check our new releases, or sort by the popular games and see which great games other players have downloaded.

Benefits of our free games!

Most of our free games to download offer paid items that can be purely cosmetic, accelerate progression speed, or enhance the power of the player. All of these tap into the different goals and motivations of gamers, as well as breathing new life into a game that can revitalize you if things get repetitive! You can always use our Search option if you are looking for a particular game or game genre. Just type in the game name or genre and we will search for you through all downloadable games, online games, and the latest news available on our website and offer the free games you are looking for or suggest similar games download which will match your game skill level or your interests. So what are you waiting for? Just download the game you like, install it, and enjoy gameplay for free!


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What are the best games to play?

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