Martian Transporter

Martian Transporter

In Martian Transporter, experience the exhilarating challenge of building a space trading empire. Dominate the market and upgrade your fleet to become the ultimate transportation tycoon in this action racing game.

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Martian Transporter
Martian Transporter - 100% Free - GameTop
Martian Transporter - 100% Free - GameTop

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Experience the Ultimate Adventure in Martian Transporter

Set foot on the enigmatic Red Planet and take the wheel of an array of specialized vehicles in Martian Transporter. With every challenge conquered and every milestone achieved, inch closer to your ultimate goal: becoming the unrivaled transport tycoon of Mars. Forge your legacy as you establish yourself among the elite space trading companies vying for dominance in this untamed world.

Expand Your Empire and Strategize Your Way to the Top

Recruit professional drivers to bolster your fleet and leverage their skills to build a transportation empire. Outwit your competitors by trading goods, completing lucrative special missions, and utilizing your hard-earned profits to upgrade your vehicles and hire mercenaries for high-risk endeavors.


  • Vast Open World: Navigate the sprawling Martian landscape and uncover its secrets
  • Dynamic Economy: Master the art of trading goods and completing special missions for profit
  • Customizable Fleet: Choose from a diverse range of vehicles and upgrade them to suit your needs
  • Strategic Gameplay: Hire professional drivers and mercenaries to gain the upper hand in high-stakes missions
  • Unrivaled Domination: Compete against rival companies and rise to become the supreme transport mogul on Mars



System Requirements

Release Date19 August 2016
GenreRacing Action
Game DeveloperEA Group
OSPC Windows
LanguageEnglish (United States)
Memory1024 MB RAM
File Size211 Mb

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