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Puzzle Games FAQ

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What are puzzle games?

Puzzle games are all about using your brain power over brawn. Instead of racing to the finish or shooting everything in sight, puzzle games make you stop and think through creative problems. The best puzzle games set you little mysteries or conundrums to solve at each level. It might be sliding blocks into place, combining colorful gems, or finding hidden objects - but there's always a logic behind it. Figuring out the answer is super satisfying!

You don't need lightning fast reflexes either. Puzzle games let you take your time planning strategies instead of mashing buttons. It's okay to get stuck too, because usually there's more than one path to victory.

Storylines take a backseat as well. Puzzle games want all the attention on the challenges, not cutscenes or characters. Just you, the game board, and your wits.

Classics like Tetris, Bejeweled and Candy Crush made puzzle games wildly popular. But there are also more cerebral options like The Witness that really make the gears turn. Portal even mixes puzzles with humor in challenging you to think outside the box.

Whether on your phone, console or computer, puzzle games are the relaxing yet stimulating choice for gamers who want to exercise their problem-solving skills over thumbs. It's all about strategizing instead of mashing buttons!

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What are some popular puzzle entertainment genres?

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