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GameTop offers you legally top-quality puzzle games with unlimited play, no time limits, no trials. Every 60 hours we add a new free full version downloadable game to our 1000+ game library. Fast and secure downloads. Get your own PC game and start playing now!

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Free Puzzle Games

Free Puzzle Games

Where Can You Download The Best Puzzle Games For Free?

Ans: GameTop. GameTop has been around for over 10 years distributing free full version games to our users. All our games are legally licensed. Over the years we have collected a library of more than 1000+ games, you are sure to find the best puzzle game that you are looking for. Be it Sudoku, card games or even mosaic puzzles. There will be a puzzle game for everyone.

Below are the best puzzle games that are popular amongst our community


In Chess, have a friendly game amongst your friends or pit your brain against the computer. A classic puzzle game that doesn't get old.

Spider Solitaire:

In Spider Solitaire, be dazzled by the realistic graphics and superbly designed spider solitaire. If you love the classic windows spider solitaire you will enjoy this card game.

Snail Bob 2:

In Snail Bob 2 embark on an adventure in this family-friendly puzzle game. Help Snail Bob maneuver around the obstacles and dangers that lies ahead of him as he approached the magical door to the next level.

What Are The Problems Faced When Downloading Free Puzzle Games From Unreliable Sites?

Puzzle games is a general term for most leisure games that puts the players knowledge to the test. These games can be easily available online. Unfortunately, users often face problems and unavoidable risk while downloading them from the internet. These risks intensify when you download games from unreliable sites. Below are some of the problems faced when downloading from unreliable sites.

Websites Offer Free Games That Are Not In Full Version:

There are some websites which offer you free puzzle game download. After a certain level of your game, the game stopped. In order for you to continue with your game, you will have to pay for the game. This often leaves us in a dilemma. Not in GameTop. All our games are free and are in full.

Websites Distributes Free Games With In-Game Advertisements:

Many websites provide free game downloads with annoying in-game advertisements. You will probably spend your precious time exiting from these irrelevant in-game advertisements. Not to mention, your game experience will also be affected. What you need is a free peaceful puzzle games with no distractions. All the games in GameTop are free from in-game advertisement. You could easily enjoy them with no distractions.

Website Illegally Distributes Games a.k.a. Pirated Games Without You Knowing:

Pirated site in the web provide free puzzle game downloads that are illegal. With both the pirated sites and legitimate sites looking pretty decent it is rather difficult to differentiate the legal sites from the pirated sites. To be safe, you should only download from a website that you trust like GameTop.

In conclusion, GameTop is a safe and reliable website that distributes legally owned contents. With weekly game replenishments, GameTop has an ever-growing library of puzzle games. It is hard to find websites that distribute free games that are legal these days. You will definitely find the best puzzle game here in GameTop.Try out this hassle-free and reliable download with no strings attached. Stop paying for games and start playing free games. Download the best puzzle game today!