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2Amulet Of Dreams

Rating 4.5

3Golden Trails

Rating 4.49

6Secrets of Rome

Rating 4.4


Rating 4.38

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Where can I get a good detective game for free?

If you are a fan of detective games, it can difficult to find the perfect murder mystery for you to showcase your Sherlock Holmes detective skills. Detective games can either be a visual novel with a detailed crime scene, or a modern crime board game with the player playing the lead card.

At GameTop, we have a huge collection and many challenging detective series to explore, completely free! Whether you are a fan of the Famicom Detective Club series or simply wish to hone your puzzle-solving skill through a video game, you can explore what it feels like to be a real detective as you solve every clue to get to the bottom of every mystery in the gameplay.

Be it seeking a missing heir, interrogating an especially tough to crack suspect/witness, or finding kidnapped kids, you can solve mysterious crimes with rich stories. You can also be a paranormal investigator if you are interested in an adventure with a supernatural lean. Each mystery game here comes with innovative riddle(s), and you will have to show your persevering character as you solve every fresh crime, earn victory points and skill tokens while having fun!


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