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Free Detective Games

Free Detective Games

Where can you download the best detective games for free?

Ans: GameTop GameTop has been in the business of distributing free full version games for over 10 years. These games are legally licensed. Over the years we have accumulated a large library of 1000+ over games with detective games being one of our strongest genres. You can be sure to find the best detective games here in GameTop.

Below are the best detective games that are popular among our users.

Top 3 Detective Games:

Dark Chronicles: The Soul Reaver:

In Dark Chronicles: The Soul Reaver, you play detective in solving a horror death of your friend's sister who died in a mysterious death. Find hidden object and unravel clues to the truth of the spooky mansion.

Crime Stories: Days of Vengeance:

In Crime Stories: Days of Vengeance an unexpected twist of fate have caused John's family to perish within the burning flames. He had a loving family, a promising career with great moral code. All of which would change when he found out that it was Costello an enemy that causes his pain.

Fall of the New Age:

In Fall of the New Age, dive into the role of being a detective as you solve the mystery behind the kidnapping. Unravel the darkest secrets of the cults who want to control the citizens in the fall of the new age.

What are the problems faced when downloading detective games for free?

These days, it rather tough for a genuine website like us to convince people that free full version games do exist. There are many free games available online. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find a website that could provide us with a safe and hassle-free download for free. Below, we are common problems faced when downloading free games from unreliable sites.

Other websites do not offer free full version games:

When downloading games, you will often be tricked by websites into downloading a free full version game. However most of the time, these games are trials. In other words, you will have to pay for the full game if you want to continue with the game. You will only realize this when you are halfway through the game. This can be really frustrating because you will be in a dilemma of paying for the game or searching for a new game.

Other websites offer you illegally distributed games a.k.a pirated games without you knowing:

There are many websites which offer free full version games. Unfortunately, many of these sites distribute free full version games which are illegal. It is almost impossible to differentiate these games from legal game sites. You may end up in court with copyright issues with these illegal games in the near future. The solution? Download from trustworthy sites like GameTop to lower the risk of owning illegal games.

Many free games contains annoying in-game advertisements:

There are also a large number of websites which offers free full version games download. These games often contain in-game advertisement. Annoying advertisement pop-ups, spoils the overall game experience. Precious game time will also be wasted on exiting and watching these advertisements. Not GameTop, our games do not contain in-game advertisements. A lot of time is wasted on exiting these meaningless advertisements. Of course, to save all the trouble, you can always have the option of purchasing games that are legal. Yet, this often requires you to key in your payment details which may involve a certain risk if your data is leaked. Why undergo such a risk when you can have a hassle free download from GameTop?

In conclusion, with so many problems with downloading free games, the confidence of the users will definitely be shaken. It sure is tough looking for a website that could provide hassle-free games download. Thankfully, there is GameTop who continues to fight for free full version games. GameTop only distributes legally licensed games. Stop paying and start playing these free games today. Try out this safe and reliable download with no strings attached.