Solitaire: Call of Honor

Solitaire: Call of Honor

In Solitaire: Call of Honor, you will have to make certain difficult decisions. At the end, in your heart of hearts, what will you choose: honor or love?

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Solitaire: Call of Honor
Solitaire: Call of Honor - 100% Free Download | GameTop
Solitaire: Call of Honor - 100% Free Download | GameTop



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Solitaire: Call of Honor features a difficult dilemma. The kings of the two neighboring states decided to marry their children Olivia and Richard, to cement relations between the states. The kings did not know that Lance - Prince Richard's knight, and Olivia have fallen in love with each other. They decided to elope and get married. However, their plans were dashed when the princess was kidnapped by subjects of the Dark Order who were against the strengthening of the kingdom's forces and did not know about Lance and Princess Olivia's secret plan.

As a result, Lance is ready for anything to save his beloved, so he goes with Richard in search of her. In his adventure Lance must decide whether to follow his feelings for Princess Olivia, or abide by his code of honor and give up his love for Olivia. Pass 200 levels of different complexities, rebuild the kingdom, find out the stories that you tried to hide, complete all the tasks and make your choice!

Game features:

  • A story where characters must to make a difficult choice!
  • A mix of solitaire and city builder!
  • An exciting and understandable game!
  • A variety mini-games!
  • A lot of different bonuses in the game!
  • 5 bright worlds and 200 fantastic card deals!
  • Get colorful trophies, awards and artifacts!
  • Challenge yourself by overcoming various obstacles!
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System Requirements

  • File Size: 164 Mb
  • Operating System: Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10

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