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Free Action Games

Where can you download the best action games for free?

Answer: GameTop. GameTop has been around for more than 10 years, distributing free full version games that are completely legal. It has a large library of over 1000+ games with action games being one of the largest. From action-filled shooting to aggressive fights to warfighting games. This is definitely a place where you can find the best free action games.

Below are the best action games that are extremely popular with our users.

Alien Shooter:

Alien Shooter is an action shooting game that has a swarm of alien armies haunting you throughout the game. Kill all the aliens that come along your way. To assist you in this massive aliens massacre. Protect yourself from the aliens with a variety of weapons selections and health packs. Stay vigilant and survive this action-packed shooting game.

Zombie Apocalypse:

Zombie Apocalypse is a first-person shooter game. It has all the action and heart-racing action that you can get in a game. Hold the fort as you encounter zombies that try to break into your base of non-infected humans. Switch from a variety of weapons as you fend off the barbarous zombies.

Goodgame Empire:

Goodgame Empire is a free strategy game that puts your resource management and warfighting skills to the test. Join different alliances in this large online MMO game as you work together to fight off big aggressors that threatens your empire.

What are the problems faced when downloading action games for free from unreliable sites?

Free action games are easily available these days. Yet, why do users always end up being frustrated with the free games that they have downloaded Below are some of the problems faced that may have made them feel this way.

Other websites do not offer free full version games

Some websites provide you with free games installation that is not in full version (only trial versions). Everything ran smoothly until you were asked to pay to continue with the game. This has certainly made many users feel cheated. Problem like this never affects GameTop as all our games are all free and are in full version.

Websites illegally distributed games a.k.a. pirated games without you knowing

There are also others who provide you with free pirated game downloads. In other words, these downloads are illegal as the website does not have the legal license to distribute the games. These sites post the greatest risk to users. Differentiating these sites from sites that distribute legal contents is almost impossible. The solution? Only download from reliable sites like GameTop, a site which you can trust.

Websites supports annoying in-game advertisements

In-game advertisements are also a type of common frustrations that you may face when downloading free action games online. Firstly these advertisements pop up spoils your gaming experience. Secondly, precious game time has to be sacrificed for irrelevant advertisement videos or advertisement exits. With all these complications, you probably will want to pay for games instead. Yet, there will be still the hassle of keying in your payment credentials. You will also be exposed to unnecessary risk of data leakage if the company were to be hacked. Why go through the hassle when you can download from a reliable site like GameTop?

In summary, If you are looking for a safe and hassle-free download of the best action games, GameTop is always available. GameTop also has a self-replenishing library that releases 2 new games every week. This means that you will have an ever growing of the top action games collection right at your fingertips. Stop paying and start playing games for free. Find the right amount of excitement that you seek for in our collection of action games today.