Cattch has interesting computer science mechanic, sizzling graphics, true platform action, and mind-bending puzzle play. If you enjoy computer games, you will enjoy this physics game too, so hop on now!

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Cattch - 100% Free Download | GameTop
Cattch - 100% Free Download | GameTop



Arcade Cartoon Platform Physics 2D Funny Kids Pet Superhero Cat


This 2D platformer is just the right game for you! You must take Cattch, a hyper-color cat, on a journey of revenge, to bounce on all those nasty little monsters before the weekend is over, so he can save his friends and finally chill out. Cattch’s extraordinary jumping and landing skills will come in handy while facing insane puzzles in his home world of Cubika. Go CATTCH!!! Cattch is a next generation puzzle platformer, built of square blocks, those crazy cool worlds are full of dangers and surprises—levels will rotate and change shape, throw you in the air and take you underground!

Cattch Features

  • 2D platformer and puzzle;
  • Dynamic world build of rotating cubes;
  • Traps to avoid and friends to save;
  • Magical atmosphere;
  • Many surprises and lots of fun;
  • Great physics and bright art;
  • Cute characters;
  • 75 levels and 5 magic themes;
  • Gamepad support!



System Requirements

  • File Size: 48 Mb
  • Operating System: Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10

Licensing terms and policy

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