Rune Stones Quest 3

Rune Stones Quest 3

Rune Stones Quest 3 is a Match 3 game, and you will be helping with the exploration of the ruins in the ancient Dwarven city.

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Rune Stones Quest 3
Rune Stones Quest 3 - 100% Free - GameTop
Rune Stones Quest 3 - 100% Free - GameTop

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Match 3 Casual Relaxing Adventure Fantasy Stars Ashes


In Rune Stones Quest 3, a peaceful life began in the lands of the Kingdom of the Dwarfs after the evil wizard was defeated. But much was lost in the battle, and your house and once-prosperous farm is now in tatters.

But there is no time to grieve! Dwarfs have always been famous for their hard work! We will rebuild our native home and create a new farm that will be better than before! I should tell you something else. Having found out where you are going, the Royal Librarian has asked you to help with the exploration of the ruins of the ancient city of the Dwarfs. Can you investigate the ruins and find ancient relics and preserve the knowledge of past generations? We have got some business to attend to! Let's go!

Game features:

  • Classic match 3 game
  • 64 Levels
  • 10 unique locations
  • Different game modes
  • Advanced 3D graphics
  • Magnificent atmosphere and graphics
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System Requirements

Release Date21 May 2021
GenreMatch 3
Game DeveloperStars Ashes
LanguageEnglish (United States)
Memory1024 MB RAM
File Size245 Mb

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