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Play Dominoes, the famous tile-based board game and enjoy this truly great game.




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Grab some bones and get ready for the definitive dominoes experience. Featuring 5 great dominoes games, Real Dominoes is perfect for the gamer in any family. Load your own background graphics. Beautiful graphics and sounds enhance the game play, while detailed instructions bring you up to speed on each game. This is one game that truly lives up to its name. Download free full version game today and start playing dominoes right now!


  • Real dominoes games
  • Amazing graphics and relaxing soundtrack
  • Game statistics
  • Save and load your dominoes game
  • Choose from 10 unique domino backs
  • Set the options to suit your skill level
  • Create profiles for every member of your family
  • Play with computer opponents

How to play Dominoes

  • Each domino is a tile with two square ends of a number of spots, or is blank
  • A domino set is called a deck or pack
  • The objective is to empty your hand to win via blocking the opponent or scoring the most points
  • Place tiles on the board matching one face of the domino with the open face is on already on the board

Tips and Tricks

  • Set down doubles early in the game when there is an opportunity
  • Keep as many different suits as possible
  • Take note of the suits opponents do not have
  • With the layout that is on the dominoes board, figure out opponent’s hand




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  • Operating System: Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10

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