Sudden Strike 2

Sudden Strike 2

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Take command of German, Russian, British, American and Imperial Japanese armies on battelfields across the globe.




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Sudden Strike 2
Sudden Strike 2 [Free PC Download]
Sudden Strike 2 [Free PC Download]



Action Strategy Tactical Army War Planes Fireglow


A real-time tactics computer game set in World War II.


  • Different from standard real-time strategy games
  • More than 50 missions in 5 campaigns or separate scenarios
  • Increased degree of realism: completely overhauled unit values
  • More than 50 specific units, some with special abilities
  • Fight battles in three difficulty levels
  • Controllable boats allow you to cross rivers
  • Supplies and additional fire power provided by controllable railways
  • Each motorized unit possesses a separately controllable crew and can be captured
  • Dynamic weather system: March troops through rain and snow
  • Higher resolution setting and other graphical changes
  • Fiction, striving for history accuracy
  • No building or economic management, focus soley on battle tactics
  • Top-notch 2D art and animations


    258.8K Players


    • File Size: 247 Mb
    • Operating System: Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10

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