Castle Secrets: Between Day And Night

Castle Secrets: Between Day And Night

The Prophecies that predict the End of Days are coming true. The ancient order of the Hildegards, have been fighting the forces of Evil since the beginning of time but they are now on the brink of defeat.

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The Head of the Order, Aaron Hildegard is betrayed and kidnapped by his own brother. Beasts that have once remained hidden are creeping out of every crack. Most of the Knights have either fallen or they’ve been captured. It feels as though there is no hope...

However the Prophecy states that one day, a chosen hero will arrive to the castle of the once great Order. He will find the ancient weapon and turn the tides of war. Explore a castle full of secrets and save the world!

Castle Secrets: Between Day And Night Features:

- Gorgeous hand-drawn graphics;

- Fantastic gameplay;

- Interesting storyline;

- Multiple gameplay modes;


  • File Size: 135 Mb
  • Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10

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