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What are Tower Defense Games?

If you are interested in the tower defense genre (or TD game), GameTop has lots of free tower defense games for you to enjoy. Be it putting down a royal revolt or playing as dungeon defenders, there will always be a new tower defense game for you to try out.

A good tower defence will require the best gameplay strategy as you lay out your defense grid to repel your enemy. In such an intense strategy game, the player will have to construct defensive towers or place their turret to destroy the horde of zombie/creeps from reaching whatever it is that they have to protect.

You have to think on your feet, as quick thinking and gaming is necessary for the battle against the monsters, creatures, and even alien invader(s) ahead! Besides building up your defensive structures to fend off enemy attackers, you can also upgrade your weapons and hero to protect your treasure better.

Once you have built up an impenetrable castle or fortress, just hit play and enjoy the graphics as the tower defense title of your choice (be it the Kingdom Rush series or Toy Defense) leads your aggressors to their doom.


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