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Time Management Games for PC

Adelantado 4 Aztec Skulls

Adelantado 4 Aztec Skulls takes you on an adventure in search of the legendary Aztec Skulls that could determine the survival of your people.

Adventure Strategy Survival

Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three

The treacherous expedition continues in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three. Fight off the dangerous Neanderthals that brings chaos to the ancient land.

Adventure Strategy Survival

Viking Saga: Epic Adventure

Viking Saga: Epic Adventure is a strategy game where you embark on an epic adventure in search of a life-changing jewel.

Adventure Strategy

Roads of Rome 2

Roads of Rome 2 is a strategy game where you build shortcuts and take on challenging quest as you embark on an adventure to save the governor.

Adventure Strategy

Island Tribe 2

Island Tribe 2 is a follow-up of a highly successful strategy game, Island Tribe. Help the tribe find a new home and discover new worlds.

Strategy Survival

Northern Tale 2

Northern Tale 2 is a building and farming game. The viking king Ragnar decides to restore the kingdom in its former glory.

Adventure Strategy

Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two

Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two is a strategy game where your decision making and strategy skills are important for your team's survival.

Adventure Strategy Survival

Viking Saga

Viking Saga is an adventure filled strategy game. Immerse yourself in the world of mystical magic & brave warriors.

Adventure Strategy

Island Tribe

Island Tribe is a strategy game where your time management skills are crucial as you help the villagers escape from the lava that engulfs your home.

Strategy Survival


The titans who hold the sky are about to drop it. A trio of heroes: beautiful and clever Leada, mighty Protus and nimble Adoris embark on a quest to help the giants.

Adventure Cartoon Strategy

Roads of Rome

Advance into the unknown territories full of secrets and dangers. Expand the famous road system to the far corners of mighty Roman Empire in this blend of casual strategy, sim and time management genres!

Adventure Strategy

Adelantado Trilogy: Book One

Feel what it’s like to be a pioneer in South America! Discover the secrets of the jungle! Find riches and glory with Adelantado!

Adventure Strategy

Northern Tale

Northern Tale is a beautiful legend filled with magic, bravery, and amazing adventures!


Rail Nation

Rail Nation is a worldwide popular strategy game. Enter the world of railways and get on track to expand your railway empire! Download Rail Nation free now!

Rush for Gold: Alaska

Play Rush for Gold - Alaska Deluxe, a fantastic action game, and try your luck as a prospector!


Posh Boutique 2

In Posh Boutique 2 use your Time Management talents to help Alicia expand her business.


Home Makeover 2

Get started with a jumble sale and bring the old place back to life in Hidden Object – Home Makeover 2, an addictive power pack of hidden object, time management, and match 3 all in one.

Bloom! A Bouquet for Everyone

Bloom! A Bouquet for Everyone - is a time management game set in Jasmine's flower shops, where she plants, harvests, gathers, and arranges flowers.


Posh Boutique

In Posh Boutique, it is all about fashion and time management. Dress up your clientele with style.


Leeloo's Talent Agency

Hand out scripts, apply make-up, film screen tests, sign contracts, and more in level after level of fast-paced Time Management fun.

Posh Shop

Posh Shop is all about fashion, You will dress up the shoppers with matching apparels that they desire. Time management is crucial.


Gnomes Garden 4: New Home

Get ready for adventure through an unknown land full of secrets and mysticism in Gnomes Garden 4: New Home.


Home Makeover Hidden Object

Help Emma restore her Grandparents' old house back to its former glory! This free hidden object game combines 3 popular game mechanics: Hidden Object, Time Management and Match 3!

Rush for Gold: California

In Rush for Gold: California, opportunities are everywhere. Build a bustling town of your own and live the American dream that people can only dream off.

Gnomes Garden 3

Gnomes Garden 3 — a new chapter in this exciting fantasy/strategy game. Head off into unknown lands and defeat the warlock!


Princess of Tavern

Feed the Tavernland and win the Princess's heart.

Gardens Inc 2: The Road to Fame

Gardens Inc 2: The Road to Fame is a captivating time management game where you help Jill and Mike's expand their garden business worldwide.

Gnomes Garden 2

Set out on a journey through an unknown land full of secrets and mystical mechanisms in the exciting casual fantasy strategy game Gnomes Garden 2.


Gnomes Garden

Gnomes Garden is an adventure, time management game with cute cartoon characters, giving you endless fun.


Farmington Tales 2: Winter Crop

Farmington Tales 2: Winter Crop Kaylee needs your help in managing the farm in this interesting mix of hidden object and time management game.

Legends of Atlantis: Exodus

In Legends of Atlantis: Exodus you must become the champion of the last Queen of Atlantis and save the kingdom. Download Legends of Atlantis: Exodus free now!

Adventure Survival

BoomTown! Deluxe

BoomTown! Deluxe is an explosive combination of mining sim and city builder. Become the greatest mining tycoon of all time.


Flying Islands Chronicles

Flying Islands Chronicles is a fun time and resource management game where you will help a group of farmers.

Goodgame Big Farm

Goodgame Big Farm is an MMO game of building & farm where you require a good time management on having a good harvest.

Hello Venice 2: New York Adventure

Join Adda and Ciro on their big city adventure and help them find the seeds of the Golden Tree!


Green City 2

Take a new eco-challenge and turn ecological ruins into flourishing green life!


Discover Moviewood, a unique hidden object adventure, and become the owner of your very own movie studio!

Barn Yarn

In Barn Yarn you have to help Joe and Tom to repair an old barn!

Monument Builder: Notre Dame

The Notre Dame Cathedral is now more fun than ever! Time management in the Middle Ages!

Youda Farmer 3: Seasons

Fight the seasonal weather conditions as you harvest and process farm products to rebuild and resupply the entire village.


Help Abigail save the distressed Kingdom, rebuild the magical fairs, rid the cities monsters and go back home.

Green Ranch

Help Emily restore the farm, or soon it will be a chemical waste site!

Paradise Beach 2

Work your way to the top as you manage the construction of the world's leading beach resorts.

Youda Farmer 2: Save the Village

Save your town and farm in this challenging Time Management game.

The Island: Castaway 2

In The Island: Castaway 2, you play as a teenage islander Yati. Become one of the tribesmen and learn all of the tribe's secretes, now it's up to you to make important decisions, overcome obstacles and carry the day!

Mystery Survival

Farmcraft 2

You must stop the people making suspicious experimental fruits and vegetables, solve international intrigue and stop the global vegetable crisis.


Monument Builder Eiffel Tower

Have you dreamed of traveling to Paris to build the Eiffel Tower?

Farmington Tales

Harvest the perfect crop in this unique Hidden Object Farming Sim hybrid!

My Kingdom for the Princess 4

My Kingdom for the Princess 4 is a chapter by chapter time management quest that takes you on an adventure of rescuing the princess.

Pioneer Lands

Pioneer Lands is a unique game about times of conquering the frontier of America's Old West!

My Kingdom for the Princess 3

The fairytale adventure continues in My Kingdom for the Princess 3, a wonderful new sequel to the award-winning series.

Royal Envoy 2

Royal Envoy 2 leads you to a fruitful adventure of salvaging Middleshire city. Re-build the city and bring happiness back to the people again.


Paradise Beach

Work your way to the top as you manage the construction of the world's leading beach resorts.

Green City

Build your own eco-friendly city and maintain a happy life for dwellers in it.

Next Stop

Be a tycoon in Next Stop as you salvage your train business in this exciting time management game. Only you can change the fate of your business.

Ice Cream Mania

Help Cindy to win in this colorful time management game and become the next Ice-Cream magnate of the planet.


Youda Survivor

Live out your own castaway adventure in Youda Survivor, a wonderful tale of faith, survival, and destiny.


Monument Builder: Statue of Liberty

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to new York to build the Statue of Liberty?

Jack of All Tribes

Help Jack rule primitive tribes after his time travel to the past in this marvelous mix of adventure and management!


My Kingdom for the Princess 2

The adventures of that brave knight Arthur and Princess Helen continue in this much anticipated sequel to the addictive strategy, time management, simulation game.

Gardens Inc

Save your grandparents from a nasty real estate tycoon in Gardens Inc. - From Rakes to Riches, a wonderful gardening adventure.

Youda Farmer

Experience true country life when you run your farm, grow your crops and see your business grow.

Jo's Dream: Organic Coffee

Help Jo in making her dream come true! Join her in a challenging journey of building the Coffee Shop!


Monument Builder: Titanic

Build the world's most famous ocean liner!

Kingdom’s Heyday

Wanted to rule a kingdom and affect the fates of people with just one word? With Kingdom's Heyday you can!


Capture enemy medieval fortresses and the surrounding land!

Strategy Tower Defense

Druid Kingdom

Accumulate resources and manage them, keep improving your workers' skills, and set new time records!


Farmcraft - addictive farm management game. It's time to get your hands dirty in this funny game that pits farm girl Ginger against the AgroCorporation.


My Kingdom for the Princess

You play the role of Arthur, a brave knight that must restore the lands and escort Princess Helen home.

Youda Safari

Youda Safari is a game for the whole family and kids who like wildlife and to discover new animals.

Dragon Keeper 2

Help Princess save her beloved husband in this free game!

Ancient Rome 2

In Ancient Rome 2, improve the lives of the people from your Roman empire. Devise a good economic strategy in this exciting time management game.


Dragon Keeper

Save your beloved Princess from the evil witch in this free game!


In Farmscapes you have to help Joe restore his ranch in this unique blend of match-3, hidden object and sim game. Download Farmscapes free now.

The Island: Castaway

Plunge into the world of adventures as you play an extremely addictive simulation game The Island: Castaway.

Mystery Survival

Bee Garden - The Lost Queen

Enjoy the honey-making madness in this fun Time Management challenge.

Katy and Bob - Way Back Home

Help a brother and sister return home in Katy and Bob - Way Back Home, a quirky culinary adventure.


Magic Farm

Grow a variety of flowers and fruit in this free full version game.


Train your time management skills and learn the business secrets of fast food restaurants in an exciting game Tikibar!


Royal Envoy

Save the wonderful land of countless islands from the merciless forces of nature.

Exotic Farm

Harvest exotic fruits, manage free-roaming animals, and operate handmade machines in Exotic Farm!

Milky Bear: Lunch Frenzy

Join Milky the Bear as he sets out to run the best restaurant in town!


African Farm

African Farm takes you to Africa, where you own a wildlife farm. Protect the wildlife on your farm in this fulfilling time management game.

Time to Hurry: Nicole’s Story

Help Nicole find her vocation and climb up the corporate ladder in this fun mix of Time Management and Hidden Object games.

Cartoon Adventure Kids

Dream Cars

Build, sell and race cars in this invigorating Time Management game.

Last Samurai Exam

Serve up sushi as quickly as you can to keep your customers happy and impress your teachers.

Funny Miners

Explore the fantastic Land of Gnomes!


Ancient Rome

In Ancient Rome, you take full control of the economy. Develop a strategy for the expansion of the Roman empire in this time management game.


Lovely Kitchen

Help a young girl's dreams come true by managing an assortment of busy restaurants.


Wendy’s Wellness

Fitness meets fun in this Time Management adventure.


Travel Agency

Build your own Travel Agency from the ground up in this challenging Time Management game.


Cake Queen

Become a manager in the recently opened cafe business and make this cafe the best one.

Best Time Management Games

What are the problems faced when downloading time management games for free?

Games can be easily downloaded from different websites with a click quick search on the web. Yet free downloadable games often pose a certain risk. Of course with the right website, this risk will be reduced. Below are some of the problems faced when downloading free games online. Can these problems be mitigated? Yes definitely. We will discuss this later in the text.

Free games that are not in full version

There are websites which offer you free games download. Yet, after a certain level, you will be prompted to pay before you can continue with the game. This often leaves you feeling annoyed as you will be caught in-between. Should you pay for the rest of the game or do you continue searching for a free full version of the game?

In-game advertisements

Most of the free downloadable games are probably tagged with in-game advertisements. These unrelated advertisements will probably take up a portion of your game time. Not only do they waste your time, but the advertisements will also affect your game experience. This often leads to frustration.

Amongst the free time management games, below are the top 3 time management games that you may be interested in.

Illegally Distributed Games A.K.A Pirated Games

There are also a large number of websites who distribute illegal games. Till today, it is almost impossible to differentiate these sites from legal sites. This leads to unnecessary complications with the law.

With these problems on hand, you probably would have given up on downloading free games. Instead, you would rather purchase it from big trusted game sites. Unfortunately, there is a hassle of filling in your personal payment details. This may result in the risk of losing your personal credential when there is a data leak.

Where can you download the best time management games for free?

Yet, with all these complications, there is still a hassle-free solution available. We have a reliable website where you can download the best time management games for free. This website is none other than GameTop has been around for over 10 years distributing free full version games. All the games in GameTop are legally licensed. With a large library of more than 1000+ games, you will definitely find the best time management game here. Did I mentioned that new games will be released weekly?

Below are the top 3 time management games that you may be interested in.

Top 3 Time Management Games:

Goodgame Big Farm:

Goodgame Big Farm is an MMO game of managing and personalizing your farm. Time management becomes really important for a good harvest. From planting to harvesting to raising your animal, be a proud owner of a farm that belongs to you.


IIn Farmscapes, you get to play minigames which has match 3 and hidden object elements in them. At the same time, you have to manage your farm. Improve your resource management and time management skills. Build your wealth and restore the landholding back to its original state.

The Island: Castaway 2

In The Island: Castaway 2, you are stranded on an island. Explore the large, picturesque island where you learn to fish and hunt for boars, garden. Harvest your crops in the fight for survival. Survive and make the best out of your days here in this time management game.

At GameTop, you will find the best time management game that best suit your gameplay. A hassle-free full version game download that is legal. Why pay for games when you can get them for free? Throw away all the unnecessary complications for a hassle-free, free games download. One click is all it takes for the best time management games to be on your desktop. Try it today.