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It has been more than 10 years since the first Roman legions landed in Britannia. Celts and Brits tried to resist but the Roman army was stronger. Most of Britannia’s territory has been captured but the war continues. You, as a young Roman patrician, will take part in the suppression of rebellious tribes. Build powerful weapons and plan strategy of protection. Wisely lead battles with many units on each level. Upgrade your weapons and spells.

Game Features

  • Non-linear storyline and exciting quests;
  • Fun and addictive tower defense gameplay;
  • Beautiful graphics & interesting sound effects;
  • Over 60 levels with multiple difficulties;
  • Over 30 types of enemies;
  • 8 types of fighting weapons, each containing a variety of system upgrades;
  • 5 types of installable gears for combat vehicles.




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