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What is this game about?

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My Kingdom for the Princess 4 is a time management game with a chapter by chapter progression. In it, you take the role of Arthur, a princess-saving knight (yes there is such a profession in this fantasy world!) looking to expand his business.

Fun and cheery art style that maintains an upbeat look!

The game’s art style is very colorful, aiming for a cheery mood all throughout. While there are some darker areas, the game never loses its humor and charm. All characters and general design is cartoony, with plenty of exaggerated qualities and even personalities.

As we advance from chapter to chapter, we are treated to a number of cutscenes that depict the story. This is made to look like a storybook, filled with wonderful illustrations and even with a voice acted narrator. While in the game, we will occasionally get advice from Arthur, the game’s protagonist, but we will be mostly looking at the stage.

These areas are filled with little details whether you interact with them or not, yet the things you can click on are differentiated enough. Contrast is a big part of these games, since you need to be able to see what you can do at a glance. Yet if it gets too confusing, interactable objects have a ring around them as you pass your mouse, and it even changes color according to how many resources you have.

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Fun and humorous story!

The story follows Arthur, a young knight looking for adventures. His father gave him the task of running the princess saving business, which unfortunately was in decline thanks to the peace times that the kingdom was enjoying. Yet peace never lasts, and soon enough Arthur would have his first assignment.

The first few levels have to do with a massive gorilla that kidnaped Fiona, a princess from a nearby realm. This already sets the tone for the rest of the game: the situations will be ridiculous and so will be their solutions. As you make your way to the oversized animal, you will collect equally oversized fruit in order to trade the princess for it. And you can expect the same logic to apply to all other threats, be them dragons or frost giants.

All in all, this makes sense since this is not a combat game. As a time management title, you will simply get wood and gold and use it to make buildings and bridges. What little fighting there is, it is done by mercenaries that you might need to contract. This only means a loss of gold for you, since they do all the work. You will be too busy either way, micromanaging your units and racing the clock before nightfall.

Strategy time management gameplay that spices the genre up!

Gameplay on every stage is fairly similar, but of course each one has its quirk. You start at your home base, with a single worker. You need to send that unit around the map to collect the different resources, clear obstacles and build things. Obstacles use food, buildings use wood and gold and everything uses food, therefore you need to choose what you do and in which order very carefully.

On each level there are certain buildings you can make, which helps you with whatever resource the map is lacking or even with special obstacles. For example, there are wyverns that will occasionally raid your camp. They do not actually destroy anything, but they make your workers too scared to leave the home base. You need to build a magical tower to fend off these pests if you want to beat the level in a timely manner.

Another way levels differ is in its special bonuses. There is a bar at the bottom of the level that is constantly recharging, and on each stage of its fill metter there is a bonus you can click on that depletes it. These bonuses are very different from level to level, with things like random resources, a speed boost for your workers or an instant way to deal with wyverns without the need of a tower. All in all, there is plenty to keep track of and a lot of depth to the strategy.

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My Kingdom for the Princess 4 is a very fun and humorous game that does not take itself too seriously. With an art style that is very appealing and addictive gameplay, this is sure a package that will entertain many for plenty of hours.

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Published 06 January 2022

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