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What is this game about?

Invasion 2: Doomed is a hidden object point and click adventure game. In it, you take control of a pair of scientists trying to stop an alien invasion from taking over Planet Earth.

This is a sequel to Invasion: Lost in Time, with the same main characters and even the same antagonists. If you played the first one and you are rightly confused as to how we have the same antagonists, do not worry, that is quickly explained in the first few minutes of gameplay.

Great plot that continues from where we left off

The game starts where the previous one left off, however knowledge of it is not necessary. We follow two scientists that have discovered a strange anomaly: days are getting longer by five minutes.

As they search for the root of the problem, they come across an alien invasion (hence the name) that plans to wipe out the majority of the human population. By messing with the natural rotation of the Earth, the aliens are causing tornadoes and earthquakes all over the globe, killing thousands of not millions.

Once the natural disasters are over, they can simply come in and deal with the surviving people. To stop them, these scientists must venture into mysterious islands leading to other worlds. These other worlds are suffering the same fate as the Earth, so one can expect to encounter more natural disasters as the game goes forward, but also some unlikely allies.

With this setting, the game makes the most of it since every space we encounter is dream-like in design, as discussed previously. It's like stepping into a visually stunning world akin to the vibrant graphics found in Windows 8 games.

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Puzzles, hidden objects, and more!

In terms of gameplay, there are plenty of puzzles to be found here. Mainly we will be searching for objects to aid us in our adventure, and some items can be combined with each other to form something else. Sometimes it is all about the order in which we use the items; it is all about paying attention to the plot and what the main characters talk about, therefore we can know where to go.

You will be able to access a journal of sorts in case you miss or even forget any major details. Yet these items are not the only type of puzzles.

There's a fascinating world out there filled with puzzles that challenge you to spot hidden objects amidst a flurry of items. These are not your run-of-the-mill puzzles, but rather intricate challenges often found in free clutter games. In these games, you're tasked with finding specific items from a list, all cleverly concealed within a chaotic scene.

But it doesn't stop there. Some of these items need to be assembled into something else entirely, adding another layer of complexity to the puzzle. There are even instances where you have to crack open a box to reveal the item tucked away inside. So while these puzzles certainly fall under the hidden object genre, they offer an involved and engaging experience that goes beyond simple item hunting.

And much like these there are plenty of other puzzles. They vary heavily on style and difficulty, depending on the flavor being dished out at any given moment. If the game is too hard or you get too lost, you can always lower the difficulty to “casual” mode.

This allows you to treat the game more like a movie than a game, since the hints it offers are almost always up. You can even skip puzzles entirely, and just do the ones that fit your mindset the most.

Incredibly original art style with lots of creativity

The art style in this game is incredibly original and a true high point of the experience. Even the first stage is full of vibrant colors and imaginative settings, but as you take the different “gates” to other places (and other planes) the real joy to the eyes begins.

It is almost like taking a step inside a surreal painting, while still making enough sense to be able to navigate said environment. While everything is two dimensional, there is enough suggestion of the third dimension to give the backgrounds its due depth, and of course the design is made so it highlights the different spots in which one can interact.

It should be noted that the english translation of the game is not the best, but it is nothing that detracts too much from the experience. The plot is easy enough to understand, even if it can take cataclysmic turns.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Invasion 2: Doomed is a very pretty and original game, especially in terms of setting. The puzzles are varied enough to not make the experience stale, and the visuals are just stunning. If you are looking for a challenge or just an interesting story, this is a fine place to find it.

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Published 29 June 2023

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