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If you want to get your adrenaline pumping and feel more alive, the action genre is for you! Action games like Tomb Raider, Assassin's Creed, Dragon Ball Legends, and Ninja Gaiden have helped establish this genre and build it up to where it is now. With your trusty weapon by your side, no enemy can stand in your way.


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However, before we begin, we would like to make a simple clarification regarding this gaming genre. The action adventure game(s) that you see in this article follow a common principle - to keep yourself alive, you need to destroy all incoming threats (much like the Grand Theft Auto series). To achieve this endeavor, you'll need to amass enough weapons and bullets to annihilate the enemy in these free action games! If you have what it takes, check out this list of the best action games we recommend and keep those triggers active.


Alien Shooter 2

From the developer of Zombie Shooter comes a sequel to their action game jewel, Alien Shooter. Alien shooter 2 continues the horror of Alien teleportation. This Sigma team video game adopts a topdown shooter perspective with a tinge of RPG element in it. In this great game, General Baker and his squad arrive at a facility that had been overrun by the Aliens to assist in the fight. Can the player help to recover the lost facility?

Alien Shooter is fun because you get
  • Fight solo against a non-stop enemy horde of Aliens (similarly to Doom Eternal)
  • Multiple Weapons to try in this shooter game
  • Top-down Perspective keeps this action game very much alive
3D Platformer with engaging combat

User Rating: 4.4/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 270 Mb
Price: Free!


Zombie Derby 2

The dangerous post-apocalyptic world is crawling with zombies in this action game. Similar to the Racoon City from Resident Evil, you can find zombies everywhere you visit in this game. In this arcade game, only the bravest and most experienced drivers and the toughest survivors will still be left standing, fighting the countless armies of the undead and dealing with them on their own!

Zombie Derby 2 features
  • Millions of blood-thirsty zombies of different kinds
  • Mass destruction of the undead
  • Over 9+ cars to drive and upgrade for the player
  • Different modes including a possibility to compete with other drivers
  • Realistic 3D graphics

User Rating: 4.2/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 50 Mb
Price: Free!

World of Warships

World of Warships is a free-to-play naval combat game that became available five years ago. As the game title suggests, it lets you play with over 200 warships dating back to World War I and II. In this fighting game, most battles take place on the surface. You will get to play many nations such as the USSR, Germany, Italy, or Japan, each with their characteristic warships with different armor and firepower.

World of Warships features
  • Multiple types of warships
  • Different game modes
  • Realistic graphics
  • Healthy gaming community

User Rating: 4.4/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 94500 Mb
Price: Free!

Star Defender 4

In Star Defender 4, the player has to rise up against the aliens that threaten planet Earth. In this action RPG, you are the sole defender of our planet. Equipped with an array of highly advanced spaceships; you defend humanity from waves of relentless alien creatures. Use all the tricks you gather from games like Modern Warfare. The weapons of your Spaceship are upgradable but beware of the enemy's attack. Any contact with the alien or their projectile will cause the weapon system of the Spaceship to reduce its efficiency. Only you can prevent the destruction of humanity in Star Defender 4 by shooting your enemies down!

Star Defender 4 features
  • More than 100 levels and 8 unique missions
  • Stunning sound effects that add on to the gameplay
  • Tons of challenging new enemies with different attacking patterns

User Rating: 4.4/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 13 Mb
Price: Free!

Larva Mortus

At the end of the 19th Century, dark forces shade the world once again. A brave agent, experienced in exorcism and combat, comes to face the oncoming evil in uncharted territories. Just like Demon's Souls, you never know what you may encounter on the next stage in this horror game. Fight loathsome supernatural monsters and horrific spawns of black magic in shadow fight(s) to prevail!

Lava Mortus is jam-packed with action features like
  • Multiple weapons
  • Non-stop action
  • Challenging gameplay

User Rating: 4.4/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 104 Mb
Price: Free!

Zombie Shooter 2

Zombie Shooter 2 is a sequel to zombie shooter with more action and more horror. One thing remains constant, the rule to survival being a quick-witted shooter. Similar to any battle royale game, you need to stay alive until nothing else moves.

This zombie shooter action game features
  • Over 60+ powerful types of weapons
  • Lots of useful gadgets including radar and battle drones
  • A large variety of vehicles to drive
  • Massive zombie attacks
  • Three game types: Campaign, Survive, Gun Stand

User Rating: 4.2/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 398 Mb
Price: Free!

Alter Army

Alter Army is a fast-paced action platformer. The universe is dying, and you are one of the last few trying to control the previous resources. If you're familiar with Far Cry, you probably know already how to become a one-person army. Fight your way through hundreds of monsters and bosses in different biomes using your weaponry and collect unique crystals to live a few more decades.

This apocalyptic action game features
  • Different modes of combat, from high tech weaponry to fist fights
  • Excellent sound effects and special effects enhance the gameplay
  • More than 50 over monsters with unique attacks
  • Dynamically adjusted difficulty
  • Alter Army is a free full version PC game to download and play

User Rating: 4.2/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 135 Mb
Price: Free!

World of Tanks

World of Tanks is one of the only free-to-play MMO games that lets you control historical and legendary tanks. Instead of your trusty steed from Red Dead Redemption, you now get to ride some tanks. This gameplay feature is why thisgame became extremely popular since it was first published more than ten years ago. It has millions of active players from all around the world, at some point even breaking the Guinness World Records for having the most number of concurrent players.

This MMO features
  • Multiple types of tanks
  • Highly engaging combat
  • Multiple game modes and outstanding graphics
  • RPG-like account levels

User Rating: 4.3/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 61500 Mb
Price: Free!

All Evil Night

First-person horror shooter. This video game comes with a story about a policeman who witnessed strange events near the city Evilhill. Pick up your sniper rifle or any other weapon, and use your modern combat strategies to earn your victory.

All Evil Night features
  • Over 12 levels
  • 4 bosses
  • Over 12 kinds of enemies

User Rating: 4.2/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 216 Mb
Price: Free!

Mini Metal

Face off in an arena against wave after wave of unique enemies, destroying them with your powerful weapons. Enjoy the mayhem that comes with games like Grand Theft Auto V. Collect coins and badges, and use them to purchase, unlock and upgrade new advanced arsenal and vehicles.

The Mini Metal action game features
  • Battle enemies in 3 spectacular arenas
  • Exciting, fast paced tank battles
  • Unique abilities for each tank
  • 20+ different types of enemies to face
  • Endless combinations of randomly generated levels
  • Unlock and upgrade different powerful weapons

User Rating: 4.4/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 41 Mb
Price: Free!

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Published 10 May 2021

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