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Pacxon is an addictive arcade-style game inspired by Pacman with unique gameplay. In this arcade game, the objective of each level is to fill up or capture at least 75% of the game board by zigzagging from wall to wall. In the meantime, avoid the ghosts, and do not let any of them touch you or the wall you build. You will lose a life if any of the ghosts touch you, so use all the information you have to avoid them!

There are 50 challenging levels to keep your desire for content satiated! Each time players advance to the next level, it gets harder and harder with more ghosts wandering in the same game board at varying speeds and purposes. Keep your wits or you'll fail immediately at this great game inspired by the pac man game!

There will also be fruits such as cherries, bananas, popsicles, and pills that will appear randomly on each level of the game to help you clear each Pacxon stage. They will also provide you with relevant information each time there are new lines or levels in this exciting free game!



Move with WASD or arrow keys

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