Save Your Family and Yourself From The Killer in Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome

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Imagine you, a successful journalist with a knack for uncovering dark stories. Your latest fixation is the Dorian Gray killer, a mysterious figure snatching people without a trace. You've been hot on his trail, describing him in less-than-flattering terms. Now, surprise – you're his next target!

But here's the twist: instead of nabbing you, he takes your fiancé. Calling the cops isn't an option; he threatens to harm her. So, you find yourself in a creepy mansion filled with traps and puzzles, taunted by Dorian's voice from hidden speakers. It's personal, not just for your in-game character, but for you as the player-detective. Time to put an end to his games in this thrilling detective game.

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Published 07 April 2024

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