Navigate The Treacherous Paths and Uncover The Mystery of Island of Death: Demons and Despair

An Eerie Story Full of Depth and Intrigue

4.1 Rating - 63 Votes

For the story, it’s a very intriguing tale that has a quick start. You’re part of a crew sailing to a remote island lost in the Pacific. There is a sickness there, making people bloodthirsty and cannibalistic. This is a result of the experiments done by a very renowned scientist, but these experiments went awry. While he was starting off with rats and the results of health optimization were promising, with time the enhancements became like a poison, turning an otherwise healthy mind into a flesh-eating monster.

These rats ended up escaping the lab and infecting everyone they came in contact with. The only saving grace is their weakness: water. Thus they cannot leave the island, and since it resides in a heavy rain area the survivors are mostly safe out on the streets.

You are on the island because of your honeymoon, and once there your newlywed husband gets infected. Now it is up to you to figure out the origin of the disease and if there is a way to stop it, maybe even cure it.

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Published 21 January 2024

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