Manage your railway empire into a successful business in Next Stop 3!

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3.9 Rating - 94 Votes

Next Stop 3 returns you to a game franchise that never disappoints the time management fanatic. Margaret is back to her old ways as she prepares and plans to expand her railway enterprise and tackle the repairs on an aging railroad system. Margaret will need to use her strategic mind and time management skills to ensure that all her trains run smoothly without problems and expand her empire into a successful one that she can be proud of!

Of course, there's more to the story than that, Next Stop 3 will engage you in lots of funny dialogue, which becomes an essential part of the plot as you interact and communicate with various colorful characters. The game is fun and easy enough to understand while also having great banter between Margaret, her director, the banker, and more personalities!

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Published 10 July 2024

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