10 Best Hidden Object Story Games

Are you a fan of games with intriguing storylines? There are many stories going on in the unlimited world of hidden object games, many mysteries to be unraveled and many protagonists waiting to be helped on space, uncharted islands, the world of darkness and magic, in the seas, or even on the streets of London! Here we present to you our list of the 10 Best Hidden Object Story games that will satisfy your creative and gaming needs.


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Sea Legends: Phantasmal Light

Shipwrecked and alone, Jane must save herself and Mike before it's too late. Solve the eerie mysteries on an island graveyard haunted by the undead lighthouse keeper in Sea Legends: Phantasmal Light, a peculiar hidden object adventure. As she regains consciousness following a sea-going adventure, Jane finds herself faced with the challenge of outwitting the ancient heritage that keeps the island wrapped in mystery. Gradually, Jane comes to understand the island's dark history and the tragic story of the lighthouse keeper. To save Jane and Mike from the danger that threatens, solve puzzles, search out objects, and unravel the mysteries. Does Jane have the courage and cleverness to find Mike and save their souls in time? Download free full version Sea Legends: Phantasmal Light game today and help Jane!


  • Explore 40 playable locations
  • Original game world
  • Solve tricky puzzles
  • Explore an island
  • 12 hidden object scenes
  • 15 mini-games


Wizards Spell

The Wizard has embarked upon a dark and anguished path of misery and destruction, ruining lives as he rages through the countryside. Your skills as an Alchemist will certainly be invaluable, but there are other reasons the Sorcerer's Council has sent you to find and stop the Wizard. As your quest unfolds, you find evidence of his madness and must be creative in your efforts to trace his steps and confront him. Will you succeed? Will you be able to save those he has sacrificed? Will you survive? Can you dispel a Wizard's curse?


  • Explore intricate Hidden Object scenes
  • Solve cleverly designed puzzles
  • Travel through an exquisitely drawn world
  • Stop the wizard and dispel his curse
  • Find evidence of the wizard's madness!

Invasion 2: Doomed

The Earthly day has suddenly become several minutes shorter and an abnormal hurricane zone has formed in the tropics. Mike thinks it's just the beginning of catastrophic changes. While on your way to investigate, your plane is caught in a storm and crash lands! This is where your adventure begins. Here you will find a portal to fascinating unexplored planets to investigate. After you discover the forces behind these exotic worlds, will you be able to return home in time to save Earth using only your knowledge and wit? Find out in Invasion 2: Doomed!


  • Mysterious planets with drowned cities and hot deserts
  • Unconventional hidden object scenes
  • Replayable mini games
  • Sequel of "Invasion: Lost in Time"
  • Discover the forces behind these exotic worlds

Crystals of Time

In Crystals of Time your task is to help Ashley solve the mystery of the disappearance of her father. This hidden objects game has an exciting storyline and very creative puzzles. Over 80 scenes and more than 20 different types of minigames to keep you entertained. Use the mysterious crystal to uncover the secrets of Three Oak Mansion. Crystals of Time has beautiful hand-drawn graphics and atmospheric soundtrack.


  • Over 80 nice hand drawn scenes
  • 24 minigames and hidden object scenes
  • Classic game play mechanics
  • Atmoshperic sound track
  • Solve the mystery of the disappearance of her father

The Great Unknown: Houdini's Castle

Your plane has crashed onto an uncharted island and you awake to find your husband missing. Go on a mystery adventure in Houdini's castle as you solve hidden object puzzles to find your kidnapped husband.


  • A helpful strategy guide that will assist you throughout the game
  • Captivating storyline that slowly unfolds itself throughout the gameplay
  • A variety of fun mini-games within the main game
  • Use your wits to expose Houdini's greatest trick and escape the island
  • Uncover Houdini's secret past and learn about the brilliant apprentice who changed his life

Legacy: Witch Island 2

In Legacy: Witch Island 2, you were brought back to the mystery island. During the previous clash with the evil witch, you were betrayed by your sweetheart, Peter. This time, the witch has regained her powers. Embark on an adventure in this fantasy island, in search of the ancient prophecy and defeat the evil witch. Prevent the witch from taking over the island. As the story deepens, unravel the truth behind Peter's betrayal. Your journey of salvation begins here.


  • Beautiful hidden object scenes
  • Multiple fun-filled mini games
  • Captivating story-line
  • Search for the ancient prophecy
  • Unconventional use of hog-scenes and items

Taken Souls: Blood Ritual

Taken Souls: Blood Ritual allows you to explore the streets of London as you detective James Voodoo, investigates the series of ritual murders. As you dig deeper into the mystery, you will realize that things aren't as simple as they seem. A global massacre maybe oncoming.


  • Builds on your detective skills and your attention to detail
  • Large interactive map that is filled with plenty of hidden object puzzles
  • Captivating horror storyline
  • Stop Coins and his associates
  • Collect evidences and uncover the ominous plan!

Amulet Of Dreams

Help Aiden to save Alison's life in Amulet Of Dreams. Alison has suddenly got an illness that is making her weaker day by day. Amulet Of Dreams is a mystical hidden object game where you will have to solve several puzzles in order to save Alison. Seven unique locations and more than 40 scenes to beat. Original soundtrack and beautiful hand-drawn graphics take you to the edges of reality. Follow the clues and the map to find the Amulet Of Dreams.


  • Solve the mystery of Ellison disease
  • Over 40 hidden object scenes
  • 16 original puzzles
  • Original soundtrack that builds the atmosphere of magic and mystery
  • Play with over 7 locations on map with clues;

Space Legends

Space Legends takes you to an incredible sci-fi adventure to save Elizabeth and her close colleague, Steve. Both space explorers were fascinated with the newly found planet of a different time-space when they realise they were trapped. To make matter worse, a comet collision further endangered their lives. Find clues to the spaceship and have the spaceship repaired before they remain trapped on the planet forever.


  • An interactive in-game journal that holds the clue to your escapade
  • Fun-filled hidden object game
  • Plenty mind-boggling mini-games available, within the game
  • Incredible Sci-Fi storyline
  • Help them before they remain trapped on the planet forever

Lost Lagoon 2: Cursed and Forgotten

Sailing through uncharted waters, a strange island appears in the distance with what seems to be bonfires. As you near, a dark shadow beneath the water suddenly attacks your boat and casts you into open water. You wake, only to find yourself in a makeshift prison and with a strange tattoo inked on your arm. What have you gotten yourself into? How are you going to escape? In Lost Lagoon 2 you have to search the prison to escape and the rest of the island for a way off in this fantastic thriller. Who are these strange islanders lurking within the lush landscape.


  • Discover helpful items
  • Solve intriguing puzzles
  • Investigate the meaning behind your newfound tattoo
  • Figure out the motivation behind your imprisonment
  • Find your way home before you become cursed and forgotten

If you enjoy these free games, you will love this list of our 10 Best Hidden Object Detective Games!

Published 04 December 2020

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