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Goodgame Empire is a free strategy game. Create a powerful army, fight in epic battles and become a great emperor.


Goodgame Empire is an online browser game developed by Goodgame studios In this medieval game you assume the role of a medieval ruler. Players will have the ability to build woodcutter’s hut houses, farms and barracks for resources for your people. Above that, command a strong and merciless army that can assist you in your future conquest.

Game Objective

The objective of playing this strategic online game is to outwit, outplay and be the strongest empire amongst all as the player rage war and conquer multiple empires for expansion.

Game Play

Goodgame Empire has a rather complex game play compared to other action games. In this social game, all players begin with a single city where you learn the basic controls of the game such as cutting wood and pelletising boulders. As the city slowly builds up, it relies heavily on a functional economy to generate resources. Manage your resources well as you build up your army for conquest.

Graphics and User Interface

The user interface and graphics are extremely clean and easy to navigate. You will realise that Good games studio have simplified the graphics such that they are user-friendly and are sufficient for delivering the exhilarating war fighting experience that you seek.

Useful Tips and Tricks

Here are some golden tips and tricks that could make your gameplay feel like a breeze. These useful tips were summarised by the community of Goodgame Studios.

Daily rewards and Special rewards

There are two types of daily login bonuses. Do not miss these freebies every day when you logged in to this online game.
  • Daily rewards
  • Special rewards
In daily rewards, one can choose amongst the 3 freebies that are offered to you. This free item would definitely be useful in your future battles. There is also Special rewards where you can choose one out of the two rewards.

Battle tips

Since this is a strategy war game created by Goodgame studios, you will expect numerous challenging battles throughout the game. Master the spy report and plan the attack accordingly. Below are some battling tips that may serve you well.
  • Decoding spy reports;
  • Choices of attacking troops;
  • Choosing the appropriate Tools;
  • Selecting a suitable commander.

In conclusion

In conclusion, if you like strategy games with exciting war fights, Goodgame Empire may be the game for you. Watch how your empire grows with every strategic decision that you make. Feel free to read more reviews about the game before you download it.


  • File Size: 2 Mb
  • Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10

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