Dark Angels Masquerade of Shadows Review

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What is this game about?

Dark Angels Masquerade of Shadows immerses you in a mystery game where darkness conceals age-old secrets and sinister forces reign. As you traverse a world draped in enigma, you'll unveil a concealed evil lurking within every shadow. Embrace the role of a protagonist whose perception of reality is shattered, propelling them to join an exclusive group of women hunters devoted to eradicating the detestable creatures infesting our planet.

A Riveting Tale of Mystery and Intrigue

The story is quite unique and it takes its time to build itself up. You start off as a fairly normal person doing your routine to go to work, yet you are constantly pestered by strange visions of demonic faces roaming the streets. You try to avoid these thoughts, going as far as to take pills as treatment, but nothing seems to quite work. It isn’t until you are quite literally chased by these monsters that everything starts to fall into place; you aren’t seeing demented visions, you are seeing the world as it truly is, a world being controlled by these monsters. Now that you see the truth, you are contacted by a group of women hunters that dedicate their lives to eradicating the foul beings that pester the earth. And this will only be the beginning of your journey, as you will learn that not only your mother but also plenty of famous historical characters were also part of this covenant of hunters.

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Captivating Art Style and Design Elements

Art-wise, the game tries to be grounded in realism. The color palette is mostly opaque, and situations tend to occur at night. The design of the characters aims for realism, with them being clearly based on photographs of real people. The game has plenty of distinct characters to interact with that flesh out the game world. Many elements of the scary game design walk the line between realism and fantasy, making the game feel like it has a hyperrealism feel to it. This is surprisingly an engaging quality that makes players feel as though they are a part of something completely possible and could happen in real life. In addition, many of the scenes appear gritty and noir-like, which contributes to the mystery game ambiance.

Engaging and Compelling Gameplay

Engaging with the gameplay is a seamless endeavor, especially for those well-versed in Hidden Object games. Drawing inspiration from classic point-and-click games, you traverse a multitude of screens, tirelessly searching for vital items to unlock new areas and unravel intricate puzzles. Some items serve as keys to unlock mysteries, while others act as prerequisites to even initiate the enigmas that lie ahead. Your most frequent challenge comes in the form of object-finding mini-games, rewarding your keen eye with essential tools for your quest. However, the game also presents an array of diverse brain teasers to savor, ensuring a gratifying variety of challenges to conquer.

The game also cuts down on a lot of dead time, so as to not detract from the experience of the game. For example, if you open the map you can fast travel to any unlocked areas in the game, so if you found the key to a cage ten screens away, you don’t have to go there manually if you don’t want to. The game also simplifies puzzles where you need to input codes. When you find a specific code for a place, when you go to that place there is a little piece of paper that tells you the code that goes there. It is easy to assume that Kelly had put the code there, and it makes us not have to memorize or write anything down.

Since this game is mostly grounded in realism, the puzzles tend to have logical solutions. In other games you might be in some otherworldly area that requires leaps in logic; this is not such a game. While there are some odd puzzles and solutions (such is the nature of these games), they all make sense and are easy to follow in the logic of this world. However, if you ever get stuck you can trust the hint system the game has, and most puzzles can be skipped entirely. While you should play the whole experience, you shouldn’t get frustrated on a specific puzzle and not enjoy the story to its fullest.

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Dark Angels Masquerade of Shadows is a really captivating story with its roots firmly set on films of old like They Live, where everything that surrounds you isn’t what it seems. Get ready to get hooked into this mystery and get to the real bottom of what happens behind the scenes!

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Published 22 August 2023

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