Living Legends: Frozen Beauty Review

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Living Legends: Frozen Beauty is a hidden objects game developed by Friendly Fox. In it, you try to save your sister from a most sinister foe, locked away in a frozen wasteland. Not unlike the rest of the series, Living Legends has some gorgeous backgrounds to look at, which are quite filled with details telling their own story of the world. This is to be expected since the core gameplay involves looking carefully at the backgrounds for clues and items. What is less expected is that every character is fully voice-acted. The characters are also animated, even if slightly; it is not truly 3D, but it gets the job done and along with everything else in the visual and audio department, you can’t help but be immersed in what is going on.

The story is about two sisters in their quest to become heirs to the throne. It seems that in this kingdom, the crown isn’t inherited but earned. Thus the sisters prepare to travel and face many challenges to become worthy of a royal life... yet not all is what it seems. You as the player, get a hint at the true nature of the Queen and her supposed charity towards her subjects. You see, hers is a quest for eternal beauty, and this is a tale mirroring that of Snow White. The Queen cannot be more beautiful than she already is, so when a maiden fairer than she arrives at her kingdom, she offers her a present. This object can be anything, from an apple to a comb, yet when accepted the recipient becomes a frozen statue, doomed to die in that state.

Yet luck is on our main character’s side since she is aided by the ghosts of maidens past that had perished at the hands of the Queen. They not only warn her but aid her in her journey. Her sister is not so lucky and thus begins the real quest of the game: Save Elizabeth, your sister, from the Queen's icy claws.

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Published 21 April 2024

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