Go on a Hidden Object quest in Queen’s Quest 3: The End of Dawn!

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What is this game about?

Queen’s Quest 3 The End of Dawn is a Hidden Object style video game developed by Brave Giant. In it, you take the role of a young alchemist as you try to stop a Dragon King from terrorizing the kingdom.

Attention to detail brings the magical whimsical game to life!

The game’s art style is deeply rooted in ideas of fairy tales, with magical and whimsical creatures hidden away in every corner you can explore. This does not make it a game for young children, however, since it covers some more mature themes. It is based, like many other works, on the idea of “what if fairy tales were organized in a real kingdom”. Still, it is certainly not a grim or horrific story, and most of it takes place in brightly colored areas filled with intricate details.

The character design is very elaborate, even if they are 2D models. The choice in clothing and apparel really sells their personality, and with everyone being fully voice acted the feeling of immersion is always present. There are some 3D models scattered about the game to add to its flavor, even if they are not overtly shown or taking center stage. For example, in certain areas where your character interacts with something or drinks a potion, you maintain a first person perspective, and your arms are shown performing the action; said arms are made in 3D.

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Experience adventure and suspense from the very beginning!

As for the story, if you have not played the previous installments then do not worry, it is not required or neither referenced as you start this game. The game begins with a traveler barely reaching an alchemy school as he is chased by fearsome gargoyles. With his dying breath, he entrusts a baby he was carrying to the headmaster. Sixteen years later, you take the role of the said baby as she prepares to enter the world as a new alchemist, the final test being the only thing standing in her way. However, bigger forces were at play that day, and just as soon as she gets her Alchemy degree, the gargoyles come back at the behest of the Dragon King, and they try to destroy the school. Our protagonist aids everyone in fending off the creatures and is then tasked to find the Dragon Stones in order to stop these dark attackers.

Intriguing hidden object scenes to keep you entertained for hours!

When it comes to gameplay, this is a quintessential hidden object game. However, the real charm of the game lies in its unique presentation. The game requires you to search for a series of objects within each room or area you find yourself in, and figure out how they can be used or combined. In some instances, you'll be given the opportunity to examine certain spaces more closely like free clutter games.

In these clutter scenarios, you're transported to a screen bursting with intricate details. Here, you're presented with a list of items that are cleverly hidden amongst a sea of other objects. It's like finding a needle in a haystack, but way more fun! Interestingly, as the story progresses, you might find yourself returning to a clutter scene you've already explored. But this time, you're on the hunt for a different item.

So remember where these clutter scenarios occur because chances are you'll need to revisit them. It's not just about finding hidden objects; it's about remembering where you found them. This adds an extra layer of challenge and makes the gameplay even more engaging.

The profession of the main character is critical not only for the story but also for the gameplay. You are not a nobody, a newcomer to this world. You are an expert in the alchemical arts, and you have a recipe for every situation, especially when it comes to transformation. This is when the game’s journal comes into play. You can, of course, use the journal like in many other games; if you left the game for too long and you do not remember what you were doing, or maybe you just need a little nudge in the right way, the journal offers that aid. However, the journal does much more than that, since this is where your character writes the recipes for the different alchemical inventions. Once you encounter a problem, she comes up with a solution, and then you have to go back and find ways to get the ingredients for your alchemical inventions.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Queen’s Quest 3 is a fantastic adventure game filled with magic and intrigue, and it is greatly recommended for fans of the genre looking for something a bit deeper, and for newcomers intrigued by it.

Published 16 November 2023

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