Tactical Shooting in Frontline Tactics

Frontline Tactics is a a tactical shooter game that brings back memories of the good old Laser Squad game and more recently the Xcom series of games. The idea is that you will put together a small tactical strike team to complete a mission which usually involves getting some bad guys killed of defending a location from attackers.

Frontline Tactics puts you in command of a team which needs to be properly equipped for whatever mission they might have ahead of them. This game is not a mindless shooter, but you need to carefully balance and think about the possible outcomes before rushing right in the middle of a firefight. Running after the bad guys spraying bullets left and right might work in movies, but Frontline Tactics has much more to it. Each member of your team has main weapon plus armor and grenade types. By completing missions successfully you will earn money, which in turn can be used to unlock even more powerful weapons. On top of that, you can train your team members for different proficiencies. For example it might be a good idea to have someone with the sniper proficiency for long range shoots and another member who is more skilled in close quarter combat. The choice is totally up to you.

The team members can be further upgraded with skill points that boost their powers. The actual gameplay is turn-based and you need to carefully consider which action to take. After all, you would not want to leave your soldier in the line of fire in case the enemy happens to spot them. Another very cool aspect of Frontline Tactics is that your can have a multiplayer game with your friends either against each other or in co-operative mode.

Frontline Tactics is a 3D game, but most likely run on older computers and laptops fine because the action is not realtime. As mentioned before, the game is turn-based, action happens in a similar fashion as in a game of chess. The levels are not huge, but each offers unlimited amount of approaches. It all depends on your gaming style; some prefer to go all out and others prefer sniping the bad guys from far away. You can move freely on the battlefield with your mouse and rotate to get a better understanding on how to plan your attack. The environment provides several elements such as buildings, boxes, trees etc. which can be used for cover.

If you like shooting games, but prefer the kind that offers more than just mindless action, then Frontline Tactics is a game for you. If you have played the Xcom series of games, you will get the idea immediately and if not, the tutorials will get you right up to speed. This gameplay is really polished and the fact that there are so many ways to play, makes Frontline Tactics a big hit on Gametop.


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