Shoot them up in Alien Shooter 2!


What is this game about?

Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded is a top down shooting game! In it, you play as a mercenary having to fight your way through murderous aliens as you try to bring people to safety.

Deep gameplay elements for a shooting game!

Gameplay wise, there is plenty more depth than what you might expect from the genre. First off, there is a soft character creation system as you start the game. You choose a special perk (like stealing health from enemies or leveling up faster) and then customize your stats. These are things like accuracy, health and strength.

After this, you choose the primary color of your uniform and then your outer appearance. There are three men and women to choose from, making a total of six. They each have their own flavor text as for what is their name, how they became mercenaries, and so on.

You can keep improving your character as you play and gain experience, both in the form of leveling up and by buying different equipment like armor, ammo and new weapons. You can play the game as you wish, but if you choose the harder difficulties you might need to think about your options carefully. Especially if you are planning on taking the “Impossible” mode.

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Strategize to survive!

The core of the game is shooting and moving. You will have to deal with huge swarms of enemies that want to hit you on melee range, and a lot of hazards in the way. You have to pay a lot of attention to your surroundings, your bullets, the weapons you have available… all in a split second.

Since enemies come in droves, they are designed to be distinct enough among themselves so you know how to prioritize. The weaker enemies are not only small, but they look like spiders, as the more dangerous enemies look like bipedal lizards with huge jaws.

The hazards are also easy to tell apart, as long as the room is well lit. It is not uncommon to be shooting frantically at the approaching mass of enemies, only to shoot at a nearby explosive barrel and kill yourself. There are even times where you have to plan around your escorts, who may or may not have a weapon. The layers and decisions that you have to make in this game will constantly keep you on your toes.

Straightforward story that helps you to progress along!

The story of the game is straightforward so you can get right into the action. You are a mercenary tasked with rescuing any survivors from a laboratory/military facility, which was overrun by an unknown force. You soon learn that the attackers are bug like creatures that have swarmed the entire complex, and you must join forces with whomever you can find to fight the horde together.

All these characters are fully voice acted, allowing you to really immerse yourself in the story. As you advance through the levels, you soon learn that it is not only the aliens you have to worry about; there is someone else helping them, turning off the power and closing access to certain sections. You will have to muster your courage, rally your allies and push forward to uncover the truth behind the alien invasion.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded is a fun, fast paced action game that can deliver on what is expected from its genre, while also dealing with horror themes that keep the tensions high and the adrenaline flowing.

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Published 07 October 2022

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