Destroy negativity, clear your mind! Particula brings you a new perspective on gaming, helping you to concentrate and relax. A three players co-op tower defense experience with a relaxing soundtrack, smooth visuals and gameplay.

Particula is an engaging arcade game that challenges players to navigate through a vibrant and visually stunning world filled with obstacles and challenges. Set in a microscopic realm, players control a tiny particle and must utilize its unique abilities to overcome various puzzles and reach the goal. With intuitive controls and clever level design, Particula offers a mix of strategic thinking, precise timing, and quick reflexes. As players progress, they unlock new mechanics and power-ups, adding depth and complexity to the gameplay. With its captivating atmosphere, addictive gameplay, and a wide array of increasingly difficult levels, the game provides an enjoyable and immersive gaming experience for puzzle enthusiasts and platformer fans alike.

  • 3 players co-op tower defense, play it with your friends.
  • Random enemies, waves and bosses.
  • Smooth soundtrack and sound effects.
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Published 22 May 2023

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