Most Brutal Racing Game Ever

Monster car racing with weapons, crazy tracks and no rules. Sounds like your kind of car game? Watch the video below.

After watching the video you will understand why this game is called Lethal Brutal Racing. This game is all about beating the other race car drivers no matter what. Use rocket launchers, use nitro boost or just outsmart them with your driving skills.

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The moment you start playing Lethal Brutal Racing you realize that this game knows no boundaries. The tracks are crazy with jumps, sharp turns and most of them are set in some apocalyptic world with mountains spitting hot lava around. If that is not enough, your fellow drivers are out to get you and the moment you take the lead, they will be firing rockets or plasma cannons at you.

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The gameplay is easy to understand but more difficult to master. Use arrow keys to steer your vehicle plus shift and space for nitro boost and launching weapons. By winning the races, you can upgrade your existing car or buy an even more powerful racing car monster. Almost thirty unique levels will have you playing for hours. You can even replay the older tracks to gain more money for upgrading your car.

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Lethal Brutal Racing is like fireworks for all the senses. The graphics are strikingly vivid for a racing game and the sound effect department leaves little to be desired. The roaring engines and loud explosions all tie in together to form a post-apocalyptic racing game that is somewhat reminiscent of the Carmageddon series. The looks are not just cosmetics because every car behaves quite differently due to differences in engines, tires, and suspension.

LethalBrutalRacing 8-22-2016 5-12-47 PM-112

Lethal Brutal Racing has so many things going on for it and it is definitely one of the best crazy car games out there. It is not just a simple racing game, but it has several unique and upgradeable monster cars, almost thirty levels and atmosphere that needs to be experienced. Driving fast is not enough but you need to make use of all the dirty tricks that are available in this super fun racing game. Watch the extended gameplay video and download the game now.



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