Relentless Zombie Shooting Action

Waking up on the beach of a tropical island with no recollection of your past history. That is the start of your game in Invention. The only way to find out what happened, is to venture deep down into an underground military bunker. This 3D first-person shooter is not for the faint-hearted as the underground bunker is dark and filled with monster far worse than just zombies. See the video below.

Invention is fairly standard operation when it comes to the actual gameplay. You control the main character by the familiar WASD configuration, and use mouse to change which way you are looking. Of course, the mouse is also used to operate the weapons and there are a few other keys for other tasks such as throwing items, jumping or accessing inventory. What makes Invention stand out of the crowd is the RPG elements that are tied in with the gameplay. The deeper you go in the military bunker, the stronger your enemies become, and require you to make use of the wide variety of weapons and resources. You need to make sure the best items are equipped, because they affect directly your health and damage levels. Each weapon has also a reliability rating as well as deprecation bar, which means you need to be constantly on the lookout for replenishing your items. It also makes sense to conserve ammunition, and choose the best weapon type against each enemy. If you have played Counter-Strike and Left 4 Dead, Invention would be something you would get when smashing those two games together. The graphics are very fitting for a game that is taking place underground in an abandoned military base. The surroundings are dim, and actually quite scary since you do not know if there is something lurking behind every corner. The zombies and other monsters are detailed, and quite scary when you play at night with your headphones on. If you have a hard time falling asleep after a scary movie, perhaps some other game might be a better fit, or at least play Invention during daytime. Needless to say, this scary first-person shooter is not really suitable for the younger gamers. Invention is a scary first-person shooter that is definitely a hit with gamers who are fans of this genre. With the addition of some RPG elements, the game brings a few new things to the table to make it more interesting than many other games in this category. The game is not terribly long, so our recommendation is to complete Invention part one first, and then get on with the sequel Invention 2. Both games can be downloaded free of charge right here on Gametop.


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