Great Match 3 Christmas fun in Fishdom Frosty Splash!

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What is this game about?

Fishdom Frosty Splash is a totally free match 3 game that has a lot of Christmas and wintery elements going on! In it, you get to have your very own fish tank, decorate it and add all sorts of fishy friends to it. This Windows 7 game is clearly inspired by the Christmas holiday, and it is proud of it!

Decorate your tank, your way!

On the decorating side of things, fish lovers have plenty in this game. There are all kinds of races of fish (real and made up) that come included in the game and as you add them they are fully three dimensional environments to explore in the Christmas game.

The game also comes with a “watch” mode, where you can simply enjoy your tank without having to also look at all the menus. What you can look at, are the different decorations, which are divided in the aptly named “decorations” tab and on the “comfort” tab, each with their own quirks.

The properly named decorations are the objects with the biggest Christmas spirit, and you can freely move only a handful of them. This makes them shine more, since you should only put a few per tank and there is only a limited amount of spaces where they would truly shine.

What you can freely place anywhere are the comfort items, mostly composed of plants. And this makes sense since we are talking about the comfort of your fishes, however this doesn’t mean that these plants are ugly.

Some of them are classic algae plant life, and some have features within them keeping with the theme. You can add them next to the other decorations to add to their feel of underwater goodness.

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Classic match 3 gameplay with unique power ups!

Now on to what you will be doing most of the time in this Fishdom game, the Match 3 aspect of it. In classic Match 3 fashion, your goal is to match three or more tiles with the same picture to make them disappear. If you connect more than three, there is a chance that you would make a combo, summoning all sorts of bombs to help you clear the level faster.

Your goal, however, is not to clear everything in the level, since there are an infinite amount of tiles falling constantly whenever you clear old ones. Your goal is to clear the golden tiles, which are scattered across the level. Finding them and planning how to clear them according to the situation is where the strategy in these types of games comes into play, similar to strategic planning required in these farm games.

While you can make combos that aid you in your journey, there are also hazards trying to prevent you from advancing. The boxes are tiles that can’t be combined, and need to be cleared by making a match next to them. The chains can only be combined by the tile they are chained to, and will not move or let other tiles pass, making them a priority to solve.

As you advance in the game, plenty more hazards will appear. And if all you care about is advancing on the Match 3 game, you don’t even have to bother with the tank aspect of it. You will however need to constantly come back to the tank and then press the play button again in order to continue. So you technically still need to visit the tank.

Wonderful, unique art style

The art style of this Fishdom title is what sets it apart the most from its predecessors. While you have a lot of decorations and fishes that do not seem all that out of the ordinary, you have other items in store that show the real Christmas spirit.

Scarfs, pine trees and even your very own Santa Claus. Even the regular, more fish-tanky items come decorated with the holiday theme, very beautifully decorated in the greens and reds. All these items and decorations are cartoony in nature, many resembling Disney style characters.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

From cozy scarves to enchanting pine trees, and even your very own Santa Claus, the game immerses players in a festive wonderland. Even the typical aquarium items have been adorned with a charming holiday theme, adorned in vibrant shades of green and red. These decorations and accessories are rendered in a delightful, cartoony fashion, many bearing a striking resemblance to characters one might find in a Disney animated feature. If you're looking to infuse your gaming experience with a dose of festive cheer, look no further. Download this fish game free and dive into a holiday-themed aquatic adventure that's as visually enchanting as it is entertaining.

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Published 31 May 2022

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