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Storm Tale is a match 3 game with time management gameplay elements thrown into the mix! Earn the resources you need through match 3 games, and use them to build up your village.

You will also have to strategize in order to prevail in this game, through many ways. Besides focusing on matching to get the resources you need, you will also have to make critical decisions on how best to build up your village. Do you treasure efficiency by maximizing your profits? Or should you ensure the safety of your residents before anything else? Build your village in your own vision!


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A must try for match 3 and time management fans!

Perfect combination of match 3 and time management gameplay

Storm Tale combines match 3 and time management mechanics seamlessly. With challenging match 3 mini games to clear, as well as tons of bonus challenge levels to win more than 50 trophies in, you may find it hard to get everything right. If you are having troubles getting the resources you need, not to worry because...

...this game comes with adjustable difficulty levels to ensure that every player, be it casual or competitive, gets to have the most fun. If you are a time management player dipping your toes into the match 3 genre or vice versa, this game is a great entry point for you.

Cool features abound!

In Storm Tale, like the name suggests, you can't expect smooth sailing or clear skies! There are tough obstacles placed throughout the game for you to overcome, as well as cool power ups that can be extremely helpful. Strategize the use of your power ups to get out of sticky situations!

There are also a variety of game modes that you can indulge yourself in, so come and prove your match 3 and time management skills in this game!

Storm Tale is a hugely popular game!

Besides having a high rating on GameTop itself, Storm Tale is also available on other platforms such as Steam, where it is also equally popular! Many have already tried this game and loved it. While you may have to pay for this game on other platforms, Storm Tale is 100% free here - so why not grab your copy and see for yourself what made this game so popular?

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

If you are still not sold, we would like to add that Storm Tale is also a highly replayable game, providing many hours of fun. With its enjoyable and immersive storyline, as well as its interactive gameplay that will definitely stimulate your mind, you won't regret trying this game out!
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Published 01 October 2022

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