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What is this game about?

Travel to USA is a Hidden Object game developed by Lazy Turtle Games. In it, you will travel far and wide to know more (or maybe to know at all, depending on your previous knowledge) about the United States of America, the country located at the top of the continent of America.

Exciting as well as challenging hidden object elements!

When it comes to the gameplay, it's reminiscent of the classic Hidden Object style much like games similar to Clutter. The scene presented to you is chock-full of objects, and your task is to find and click on the items listed. As you identify each item and click on it, it vanishes from the scene, steadily whittling down your list until there's nothing left.

Completing a stage requires finding all the objects listed. The challenge in Travel to the United States of America lies in how cleverly some items are scattered and concealed. As previously mentioned, there are many instances where perspective tricks are used to camouflage items within the scene.

If you are asked to find an elephant, maybe it is a tiny one by the table. If you are asked to find a butterfly, maybe it is massive and inside the sun. Anything could be literally anywhere.

Another trick the developers use is that of color. A particular example was a trident that was hidden within the San Francisco bridge. To hide it, the trident was completely red, even the metal ponty parts. Therefore one needs a truly keen eye to find every single object without over reliance of the big “hint” button at the bottom right of the screen.

To truly advance in the game, you will have to collect stars. Each new screen costs one more star than the screen before it. To be able to afford all the stages, you will have to replay the ones you already unlocked many times over. Fortunately, being a Hidden Object game allows for plenty of replayability since the lists of objects are constantly changing. But of course this means that you will play the first few stages way more than the last ones.

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Explore different locales and sights

The story works more as a backdrop to the game rather than anything else. A couple met on an airplane and decided, for no apparent reason, to travel the country with the parents of the woman. You will be reminded of these four protagonists as each of them make comments about the different areas you will visit, remarking on its historical significance.

Other than the times when they chime in, you can also read about the different locales as you choose a stage. You can always learn more on your own, but the little prompt from the game might be what you need to nudge you in a given direction. As an educational mini games, it works in doing just so.

Wonderfully detailed hidden object scenes!

In terms of visuals, the stages are as detailed as it is to be expected from a Hidden Object game. While the theme of the game is visiting real places in the very real United States of America, the illustrations used as a backdrop for the stages do have a flare of fantasy.

This is to be expected, since if perspective was always preserved there would be less places to hide things on. Yet, one should not forget that the learning part of this game comes in the dialogue of the characters, and from what little snippets of text we can find before playing a stage. In the stages themselves, there is only a passing relevance to the places that are actually real.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Travel to USA may not differ all that much from your typical Hidden Object game, but what is there is serviceable, and the educational angle this game uses does, at the very least, offer something else beyond a time killer. If you're looking for a Hidden Object game that simulates a trip to the US, look no further than Windows 10 games like Travel to USA.

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Published 21 March 2023

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