Experience exciting cave exploration in SpelunKing: The Mine Match!

What is this game about?

3.5 Rating - 74 Votes

SpelunKing: The Mine Match is a unique matching game featuring mining for precious stones and resources to rebuild a mining town. In this game, you receive a letter from your grandpa who lives in Farnsbury, a mining town that you have only been to when you were a little child. Much to his surprise and delight, you show up and decide to help him search for his lost items in the mines.

Grandpa used to be a miner back in the day and claims that he has lost a great many things while working down there. Unfortunately, the mine has slowly dried up, and the town has shriveled to a handful of people living here now. Enter the mines to help search for grandpa’s items, and begin your mining adventures to see what precious stones you can still dig up and sell. In SpelunKing: The Mine Match, you will discover the joys and excitement of how it feels like to be a miner digging deep into the ground to find buried treasures!

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Published 04 October 2023

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