Experience exciting cave exploration in SpelunKing: The Mine Match!

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What is this game about?

SpelunKing: The Mine Match is a unique matching game featuring mining for precious stones and resources to rebuild a mining town. In this game, you receive a letter from your grandpa who lives in Farnsbury, a mining town that you have only been to when you were a little child. Much to his surprise and delight, you show up and decide to help him search for his lost items in the mines.

Grandpa used to be a miner back in the day and claims that he has lost a great many things while working down there. Unfortunately, the mine has slowly dried up, and the town has shriveled to a handful of people living here now. Enter the mines to help search for grandpa’s items, and begin your mining adventures to see what precious stones you can still dig up and sell. In SpelunKing: The Mine Match, you will discover the joys and excitement of how it feels like to be a miner digging deep into the ground to find buried treasures!

Captivating gameplay for hours!

In the spirit of match-3 games, you will need to swap pieces with those beside it to make a match of 3 in a row. When you make a match of at least 3, you will remove them from the field to be replaced by other random pieces. This is a slightly different match-3 game, as the pieces represent a different resource in the game that you can collect. For instance, if you match 3 logs together, you can gather wood that will become useful for building things later.

Aside from wood, you can also collect resources like stone, shovels, and lantern oil. Stones, like wood, can be collected when you match 3 or more rocks together in the field. The shovel is a different feature that allows you to dig up a specific spot on the minimap once you have charged the Shovel meter to full by matching shovel pieces in the field. Keep an eye out for the top right side of the screen which displays how much lantern oil you have left. Be sure to refill your lantern oil before it runs out, or the level will end. You can refill the lantern oil by making matches of pieces in the sequence shown at the top of the screen.

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Cool features in a Match-3 game!

Another cool feature of this game is you can actually move the field of vision by where you make a match. Make matches at the edge of the screen to move even further into the mine! Once you are further in, you may encounter obstacles like crates and dirt. Make matches next to them to break them as they can hold valuable items inside such as precious stones and coins. You may also encounter treasure chests that require a key to open, and this key can be bought from the shop on the surface.

When you return to the surface, remember to visit the different places, especially the shop where you can sell the precious stones that you have found for the money. Money is needed to buy some items such as the treasure chest key. Additionally, the wood and stone resources that you have collected can be used to upgrade the different buildings, unlocking new types of items for sale.

Why you should play this great game

SpelunKing is one of the most refreshing takes on the Match-3 puzzle format games and innovates in many ways that add an enormous amount of quality and depth to the visual, gameplay, and repetition enjoyment. For example, there’s absolutely none of the monetization that you’d see in a mobile equivalent, so thank goodness for that. But honestly, it’s far better to ensure you’ve got spare gold to buy hints to just solve the entire puzzle, so don’t be hesitant to support the developers of this enjoyable Match-3 game.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

This match-3 game is definitely something different and really fun with the element of exploring a deep mine filled with secret areas and treasure while working towards revitalizing an old mining town. How about downloading this game from GameTop and trying this one for yourself?

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Published 07 June 2023

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