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What is this game about?

Landgrabbers is a fast paced action-strategy game! In this game, you don't build or hunt for resources. Instead, you battle for them.

This genre is one of the super popular Windows 7 games, based on the raiding tactics of the Vikings where you take already-owned bases and make them yours.

This Viking theme is all over the game, and for good measure too. It is not a slow and methodical strategy game - it is pure and raw action! Everything has this popping quality that really gets you pumped up to continue playing.

Get fighting fit with this fast-paced action game!

In this game, you are trying to take control of different bases. While this sounds like something that is easy to understand, it is quite difficult to master, especially when you're trying to go for timed achievements.

You start at your initial base, with a set number of units - be it horse riders, regular units, or others, and you can send them to try and conquer a different base in the action game Landgrabbers. Each base replenishes units automatically, so you have to quickly send more units before the base you’re attacking gets their own units up again.

Alternatively, you could spend half the total unit count on your base to make it hold even more units!

As you can see, just starting the game and you already have to make moment to moment decisions. Not to mention, there's an enemy faction at the other side of the map trying to do the very same thing as you are!

It is already a very interesting numbers game, but you don’t just simply try and beat your opponent’s unit count.

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Non-stop action coupled with tower defense-like strategy!

As mentioned before, there are horse riders or mounted units. These units are incredibly fast, making for a very difficult counter-attack. They can only be produced in stables, but you can send units from other bases into the stables, and they’ll be transformed into horse riders! There’s even more to be found within the game, like turrets, blacksmiths and even spells!

The spells and how they work can be reminiscent of the tower defense genre, and they truly add flavor and complexity to the game. Much like in tower defense games, each building is connected to other buildings by lanes, and units travel through them.

There are spells like a fireball that let you heavily damage said units as they traverse the lanes, making it easier for you to defend yourself. Yet for more direct defense, there is a shield spell as well that you use directly on your bases to avoid damage for a short duration.

While some of these spells might seem overpowered, they are a great help for people struggling with the game to be able to beat it. With a good strategy, all you need is your trusty units and a quick draw on the mouse.

Vibrant colors and graphics that make the game a visually pleasant one!

The game's innovative isometric design adds a unique visual dimension, giving players a fresh perspective as they progress through the levels

The art style is very colorful, with plenty of detail yet still easy to understand, since you don’t want to be staring at your surroundings in the middle of war.

There’s a big presence of primary colors in the game’s palette, which helps with the moment to moment decisions since you can quickly gauge which base belongs to whom. The armor of your units are a bright and aggressive red, while for your enemies it might be blue or yellow.

That is not to say, however, that the game lacks detail. The units themselves are a joy to watch march on the field, and the horse riders are very well done as well.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Landgrabbers is that type of game where you think you’re done for the night, but you just say “one more level” and keep going until 3am. There’s plenty of action, room to make your own playstyle and plenty of achievements to unlock. A great time to be a Viking raider.

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Published 12 June 2023

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