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Unleash the Adventure: Earthlock's Breathtaking Universe!

Get ready to delve into the enchanting world of Umbra - a planet that intriguingly stopped rotating thousands of cycles ago. Your voyage starts from rescuing Amon's uncle from an antique cult. But that's just the surface.

The journey quickly ventures off into a deep abyss of centuries-old mysteries, unravelling an adventure that was destined to happen. Teaming up with a group of improbable heroes, it's on you to thwart history from echoing itself.

Exciting Characters & Strategic Battles

Witness a diverse range of heroes, each nosediving into their journeys of self-discovery. In this riveting quest, they unite to challenge the mushrooming evil bursting at the seams. Play around with your strategy, flip between two different stances for each character, and leverage your characters' battle bonds to unleash formidable abilities or unique perks. Embrace the rush of adrenaline and explore the depths of strategic choices in Earthlock's turn-based ‘Grand Tradition’ arena battles.

Unrivaled Freedom: Your Secret Island, Overworld, and Unique Talent System

On those days when the zest for adventure takes a backseat, escape to your own secluded island. Here, you can transform magical ingredients harvested into potent weapons, helpful items, and useful perks. Around the expansive Overworld, there's always something that catches the eye - be it scavenging for items, picking flowers, catching delightful Bibis, or unearthing treasures. Take your loots back to Plumpet Island and whip up the quirkiest potions and ammunitions to get an edge in your subsequent battles.

And there is more! Earthlock's groundbreaking talent board system revolutionizes the traditional skill tree. The board puts you in ultimate control of your heroes' strengths and foibles. With the ability to toggle talents on and off the board, you can tailor each character to your preferred play style. Moreover, you can gather and craft unique 'Perk Talents' from the world around you. These perks bestow special combat skills and abilities that pack a punch!

Earthlock is an absolute must-play for anyone seeking an immersive role-playing adventure. Ready to embark on an adventure that's more than just saving the day? Download Earthlock. Dive into the world of Umbra. It's time to be the hero you were destined to be.

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Published 17 November 2023

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