Downbass Warriors: Heroes of Maydamn

DownBass Warriors: Heroes of MayDamn (DWHOM) is a hardcore first-person shooter with nice physics, trouble-free, enjoyable shooting, and advanced character injury systems.

In DWHOM, the player gets into a modern war conflict situation with several sides and factions of the military campaign. Every player will personally experience what could be happening at war, and it's up to you what game content actually means, is it pathetic parody or harsh truth? We left it for you to decide.

We, as developers, doing everything we can, to make the player's experience unique and unrepeatable with our brand new advanced gameplay systems you wouldn't be able to enjoy in any other game.

The game is at an early stage of its development but already features 43 character injury types which have their own negative aftereffects on the player. Don't expect your soldier to have his full functionality after taking a couple of hits. The character has a very precise hitbox, which copies his body structure, and with a combo of simple, but fast and multifunctional shooting system which allows you to shoot throw walls or even to ricochet, you will have an unrepeatable experience. The game features a new armor system designed by us from scratch, which lets you place armor pieces anywhere on the character and subsequently calculate its position, to exclude any collision in wrong places.

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Published 27 June 2023

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