Align Delightful Gems and Create Stunning Color Cascades in Rainbow Web 2

A Sequel With an Amazing and Compelling Story

4.3 Rating - 64 Votes

The story picks up where the last one left off, keeping the plot largely unchanged. You're a famous spellcaster summoned to the royal palace, where an evil, magical spider has woven her web everywhere. This isn't just any web; it's enchanted, allowing the spider to vanish objects from the real world by erasing their names. After all, without a name, anything ceases to exist.

You've battled this spider before, and now it's your turn to end her reign. With your powerful restoration magic, you'll venture deeper into the palace, aiming to bring back its lost splendor. Your mission? To find and restore the names of hidden objects and sometimes, even people, restoring them to reality.

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Published 06 March 2024

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