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In this time management game Adelantado 4: Aztec Skulls, you step into the shoes of Don Diego, a Spanish commander stationed in colonial Mesoamerica. Your mission is to protect allied Aztec villages from various threats by employing strategic leadership and resource management. As their Adelantado, or leader, you'll need to construct defenses, conduct technological research, and train warriors through careful resource allocation and planning.

In the world of tower defense PC games, Adelantado 4: Aztec Skulls offers a unique blend of strategy and management. It takes you on an immersive journey where you must utilize your wits and tactical skills to safeguard the Aztec villages under your care. By crafting defenses, exploring new technologies, and training a formidable army, you'll ensure the safety and prosperity of your allies.

The game has an isometric view, letting you get a good look at your surroundings. The art style might be 2D yet it still gets to be colorful, and with a lot of detail. When issuing a building, you can see the different stages of construction as your villagers add planks and stone. When said building is abandoned (because of lack of resources) it has its own art, where it has darkened and filled with ruin.

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Published 29 May 2024

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