Try Paxcon, an addictive online puzzle and arcade game!

Pacxon is an addictive arcade browser 2D games with Pacman-like aesthetics filled with Pacman nostalgia, yet entirely different gameplay and mechanics. In this game, your goal is to fill up 80% of the map with walls, but if the ghost touches the wall you are building before you get to safety, you lose a life. You also lose a life if you build a wall that ends on itself, so be wary of where you are going! This is a wildly entertaining browser game with 3 different types of power ups that you can use to achieve your goal.

Tips and tricks:
  • Build strategic quick walls to trap ghosts onto a smaller area. But be warned, they can slowly erode your walls!
  • Observe the behavior of each type of ghosts. They often have a range of movement and patrol their area
  • Pick up power ups if they are close to you. It may not be worth it to go for those that are too far away
  • Cheries let Pacxon move faster
  • Bananas make ghosts move slower
  • Popsicles stop ghosts from moving
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    Published 20 October 2021

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