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Cradle Of Rome 2 – a mix of never ending match-3 pleasure, engaging puzzles, and city-builder in one game!


Welcome back to the city on the seven hills. Write your own history of the Roman Empire in this engaging puzzle game Cradle of Rome 2. Journey through 100 levels of matching fun and exhilarating process of building the city. Match three or more tiles and experience the new world of Rome from the cradle to the glory.  Solve challenging mini-games and draw blueprints to turn your small settlement into the flourishing empire. Discover all-new game modes and earn trophies to prove your multi-faceted skills. Build your own Roman Empire and become the greatest Emperor ever!

Cradle of Rome 2 Features:

- 100 levels of matching fun;

- 5 brilliant epochs to build;

- Challenging Blueprint mini-games;

- Earn 28 unique Roman trophies.

- Discover two all-new game modes of Cradle of Rome 2.


  • File Size: 126 Mb
  • Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10

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