Discover Hidden Objects in Gardenscapes!

What is Gardenscapes about?

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Gardenscapes is a hidden object video game that comes with over-the-top scenery that is sure to bedazzle you. The main objective of Gardenscapes is to restore the forgotten garden in the new house you have gotten.

While this may sound simple, you will need to gather a lot of in-game cash to make things right, as well as to find hidden objects that will be needed for this huge undertaking.


Game mechanics that help you earn more!

As mentioned earlier, you will need a small fortune to restore the garden. How can you complete this undertaking then?

Firstly, with the aid of your butler, you will have the tools to earn coins from the entire house. There are little trinkets that may not be of any use for you, but could be priceless in the right hands, so find the right people to sell to!

There are also tasks that lets you increase you income and restore vital parts of your house. Don't forget to do and claim them to maximize your earnings!


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Great graphics and ambiance that helps set the mood!

Right off the bat when you start the game, the imagery will hit you like a truck, but in a good way. With over-the-top graphics that are high quality and aesthetically pleasing, this is a game that can be appreciated with your eyes!

The music also gives a welcoming feeling as you explore different parts of the house. Although we did say that the garden was a "forgotten" one, it is still a welcoming one that is very family friendly too. Rest assured that anyone can play this game, even children!


Family friendly fun - share it with everyone!

The garden's restoration can continue at any time of the day, as long as you are playing it. Unlike actual renovations, you will not be disturbing any other people in your own home.

But, if you would like, this is a game that can be shared with your family too! Compete with family members as you strive to find as many hidden objects as possible in your playthrough. You can also have a conversation about the unique things and how they were important inside the house and garden!


Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Gardenscapes is a hidden object game that is completely free and relaxing. Install now and enjoy it!

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Published 17 November 2021

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