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What is this game about?

Zombie Shooter 2 is a top down zombie shooting game. In it, you have to fight hordes of the undead in order to reach your loved one, who might just be at the center of it all.

There are tons of different weapons in your arsenal to choose from, so you just have to stay calm amidst the danger!

Different strategies that enhances this zombie shooting action game!

Gameplay starts with you having to make a character. Firstly, you choose a perk for the whole game, like gain more experience or deal more damage. Then, you can choose how you look (with plenty of options for male or female characters) and then you allocate your first skill points. Here you can level plenty of things, like health, accuracy or even the perk you chose earlier. As your character gains experience and levels up, you can keep improving on these stats.

The game is divided into different missions. Each mission has a series of objectives that you have to complete, and other secret bonus objectives that you can find if you want to clear the game at one hundred percent.

All objectives share certain features, like finding a place or an object. In essence, they are not the hard part, that is dealing with the swarms of enemies.

To survive the game, you will need to kill the zombies before they are close enough to kill you. But if you do not keep a careful track on your ammo, you might be done for. Therefore, it is important to have a strategy, and the split second decisions that you will need to make are where the fun lies in the game.

You can explore the whole level for money, which you can turn into bullets, but you might encounter more enemies that you can handle. You can try and kill as little enemies as possible in order to progress, but if you need to backtrack the swarm of enemies could be way too much to handle.

And if you are on the harder difficulties, you will need to be very quick on your feet and not miss a single shot, since in those modes ammo is scarce and the enemies deal way more damage.

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Relatable plot that adds a sense of urgency to the game

Then begins the story. Your significant other sends you a letter that they are overworked at a certain facility, and it is up to you to get them from there. It is assumed that neither them or you knew that a zombie outbreak would happen; it is lucky then that you just happen to have a shotgun laying around.

You then need to traverse the infested roads as you meet different characters that help (and sometimes hinder) your quest. All characters are fully voice acted, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the story.

Impressive visual quality and voice acting

The game’s visual quality is great. The characters are very well realized, but the stars of the show are the zombies. It makes sense, since they are your main enemy in the game, but they are a joy to watch and to take down. Their shambling animations can be very distinct from one to the other, especially between the different types. And they have a number of death animations as well, including one where they explode in glorious blood.

The game also counts with some visual features, both for cosmetic and censorship purposes. The blood, for example, can be turned green to diminish the impact on more sensible people. There is also a black and white mode, which is mostly a reference to classic zombie movies. This mode has a few things in color, to avoid confusion, like blood and some cars. The game can get quite frantic, so this is a welcome change.

The sound design is also superb, most notable on the different shooting noises the guns make. A shotgun feels and sounds like a shotgun, and so on. Plus, the grunting sounds of the zombies can be quite eerie. This makes it an ideal game to play with headphones.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Zombie Shooter 2 shows the strengths of the developer, Sigma Team, in delivering an action packed title filled with adrenaline, gore, and even a turret section on top of a car.

They know how to make a spectacle and perform it on every single stage. This is not a game that will give you an easy time, this is a game where you must fight for survival. And we are all here for it.

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Published 16 May 2023

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