Have you tried to solve Murder in New York?

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What is Murder in New York?

Murder in New York is a hidden object detective game that centers on a cold blooded murder in, you guessed it, New York. As part of the Special Enquiry Detail assigned to the case, you will play as two detectives trying to solve this gripping case.

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Why do we recommend Murder in New York?

Spectacular hidden object scenes!

A large part of the appeal of hidden object games depend on the aesthetics of the hidden object scenes it has, and Murder in New York has beautifully constructed scenes. Tap into these mysterious, intense scenes and you will find yourself hopelessly engrossed in this mesmerizing hidden object game!

Mini games bonanza!

Besides its gripping storyline, Murder in New York also features other fun puzzlers and mini games for you to enjoy. These brain teasers are designed to keep your mind and brain entertained, and add a new depth to the game experience itself!

Interactive gameplay!

Murder in New York also features interactive gameplay mechanics, which will require you to put even more thought behind solving each and every puzzle posed to you. Will you be able to extract the bullet with the right tools at your disposal? Will you be able to unlock the doors to solve the mystery with what you have found so far? Bear in mind that this will all unravel if you miss even the tiniest link, so be meticulous when combing through the scenes!

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Murder in New York is absolutely free, and has been downloaded and played by many! With a gripping storyline and exciting gameplay mechanics, including mini games, this is not a game to be missed. Download it now and enjoy this well-received game!

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Published 23 April 2023

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