10 Best Hidden Object Point and Click Games

Tired of getting your reflexes tested by first person shooters? Want to embark on a classic adventure game like Monkey Island or Syberia? Classic point and click games are the way to go, as they require less intensive actions. By extension, games from this genre are much less stressful to play!


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With huge studios like LucasArts and Telltale Games on this scene, the point and click genre is a rapidly growing one. If you are looking for free casual video game(s) from this point and click adventure genre, we have compiled this list of our 10 best point and click games for you!


The Silent Age

In this great game that sees the main character travelling through time and space, a dying man from the future entrusted Joe with saving humans from extinction. Joe will have to travel between the present (set in the groovy 1972) and the apocalyptic future of 2012 in this point-and-click adventure game. Use the portable time travel device left behind by the man from the future to travel between the timelines and solve the puzzles in this adventure video game. Discover the truth behind the impending extinction level event and find out how to avert the disastrous ending in this impressive addition to time exploration games!

This click adventure features
  • Clever puzzle games that require time travel and specific items to solve
  • Complex characters, each with their own personality
  • Thrilling adventure game with a deep story that captivates from beginning to end
  • Ultra HD graphics with clever puzzles and a captivating storyline that will keep you busy for hours
  • Relaxing and fun click game
  • Great story overall filled with clever subplots that explore aspects of political philosophy and time travel paradoxes

User Rating: 4.5/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 185 Mb
Price: Free!



As hypnotist Maya Anderson, it is your quest to figure out the mysterious circumstances, behind a doctor's disappearance from a psychiatric clinic. In this graphic adventure, the police have requested your help in the investigation. The patients are behaving oddly when you arrive at the scene. As an experienced hypnotist, you sedate them and travel into their psyches to help them neutralize phobias and obsessions. All of the characters are exceptionally brilliant: a painter, a musician, a scientist, a businessman, and others, each with their own bright mind, full of surprises and puzzles. In the psyches of the patients you'll be attacked by their phobias, with which you battle in mini-games that serve as pleasant deviations from the main adventure.

Hypnosis features
  • Original, consciousness expanding plot
  • Impressive graphics and special effects
  • Charismatic personalities
  • Simple yet deep gameplay

User Rating: 4.3/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 692 Mb
Price: Free!

Back to Bed

In Back to Bed lies a humorous but ever-relatable puzzle video game setting. You have to guide the sleepwalking Bob from his office back to bed by helping his subconscious guardian, Subob. Bob and Subob will travel through a surreal puzzle quest world where the boundaries between Bob's dream and reality are blurred. Can you help Subob on his quest to guide Bob back to bed by solving puzzles and avoid dangerous situations in this arcade game?

Back to Bed is very fun because it has...
  • Unique surreal and artistic game universe
  • Isometric puzzle levels
  • Two characters as one
  • Picturesque visual style

User Rating: 4.5/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 200 Mb
Price: Free!

Namariel Legends: Iron Lord

Namariel Legends: Iron Lord is an entertaining point and click game that features awesome voice acting and beautiful graphics. With intricate puzzles and a gripping storyline, get on board this episodic adventure game as you embark on the longest journey to reclaim your throne!

This click adventure features
  • Enter a fantasy world alike other fairy tales
  • Follow the exciting story
  • Travel to 50 various game locations
  • Meet 15 amazing characters in 3D
  • Enjoy 25 mini-games

User Rating: 4.5/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 612 Mb
Price: Free!

Rooms – The Unsolvable Puzzle

In Rooms - The Unsolvable Puzzle your task is to find the exit by exploring a group of sliding puzzles. The game features a unique gameplay, beautiful graphics and plenty of challenge for all the puzzle game fans. Explore the mansion and make use of the various gadgets that are there to help you find the exit. This graphic adventure game's addictive puzzles become increasingly challenging towards the end!

Rooms - The Unsolvable Puzzle features
  • Various gadgets and tools to increase complexity of the puzzles
  • Beautiful background music and immersive sound effects
  • Intriguing puzzle slider with a twist

User Rating: 4.2/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 139 Mb
Price: Free!


In this classic adventure game of cosmic proportions, a meteor landed near the city. Professor Gustav discovered that the meteorite emanates an unknown energy, and begins a series of experiments that caused the meteor's energy to spiral out of control, destroying the city and mutating its plants and animals in the process.

In Questerium: Sinister Trinity, you are the investigator hired to work on this case. Solve logical puzzles to find a way to stop the machine harnessing the meteorite's energy, rescue the children that were not evacuated in time, salvage what's left of the city and arrest the professor!

User Rating: 4.2/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 289 Mb
Price: Free!


Our hero sampled a mysterious berry at the stream during a summer cottage getaway. Before he knew it, everything became incredibly large as he was shrunk to the size of a bug! In order to find out what happened and how to return things back to normal, our hero begins the adventure to a world that is too tiny for the human eye. See the secret life of worms, beetles and spiders, and all tiny creatures.

Meet new friends who will discover the secret healing potion that will make our hero human-sized again! All we need is to gather enough raspberries to cook Grandmother’s jam. As we all know - this is a remedy for all ills!

Varenje features
  • Excellent graphics with each scene artistically hand-drawn
  • Multiple mini games
  • Realistic sound effects that immerse you into the land of swarms
  • Eight unique chapters await you
  • All grown-ups were once children
  • This game is considered to be an art

User Rating: 3.6/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 278 Mb
Price: Free!

Little Kite

In Little Kite, be in the shoes of Mary and her son, Andrew. Spiral into Andrew's lonely imaginary world where he seeks comfort. Watch how this touching story unfolds as you progress deeper into the game. A wicked combination of both fun gameplay and an emotional storyline. Help Mary and Andrew with their everyday lives today.

Little Kite features
  • A dramatic story that will capture your heart;
  • Two playable main characters;
  • Challenging puzzle with various difficulty levels that puts your logic to the test;
  • Little Kite is a free full version game to download and play.

User Rating: 3.7/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 257 Mb
Price: Free!

Demetrios: The Big Cynical Adventure

Help Bjorn Thonen conduct investigations after getting robbed one night from being drunk. The slob of an antique dealer ends up getting into a murky, mysterious affair with his neighbour Sandra. Will they be able to rise up and discover ancient secrets?

This click adventure features
  • Full HD, hand-painted visuals plus animated characters
  • Visual Novel game
  • Over 8 to 12 hours of standalone adventure
  • Over 15000 lines of humorous dialog
  • Play with mini games and hints
  • In game interactivity with characters

User Rating: 3.9/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 516 Mb
Price: Free!

Whispering Willows

In Whispering Willows, travel to the spirit realm and gather the clues to Elanor's missing father. Wortham Willow’s crumbling mansion is filled with wandering spirits that may have you killed. Unfortunately, they are the ones who have the answers that Elanor seeks.

In this horror game, you will be Elanor's guide as you unravel the deepest secrets of her missing father. Interact with the spirits and solve unique hidden object puzzles to uncover the missing pieces to her father's disappearance. Are you ready to embark on a horror adventure that you will never forget?

Whispering Willows features
  • Captivating story that compliments the gameplay
  • Excellent audio work and cool art direction
  • A variety of mini games available within the game

User Rating: 3.5/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 425 Mb
Price: Free!

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Published 21 April 2021

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