Rail Nation's Origin Journey x2


Have you played Rail Nation before? It doesn't matter even if you have never tried this game, or even the time management genre, as Rail Nation is intuitive to play.

In this special announcement, the developers of Rail Nation have come up with a new server that is aimed at scratching your itch to travel!

With travel restrictions still in place in many parts of the world, planning a holiday can be very stressful. Endless amounts of planning, research and time are involved even before you begin your trip - not to mention potential last-minute cancellations!

With the new Origin Journey, all these tension and uncertainty you may face when planning a holiday are gone. This is the perfect, stress-free, relaxing train journey waiting just for you to enjoy from the comfort of your very own home. You will never face any pressure or cancellations, and it is completely safe too!

So, what is Origin Journey all about?

For those who might be experiencing Origin Journey for the first time, let us give you an overview of some of the exclusive features and sights you'll experience on your trip. The entire scenario is themed around the location of Rail Nation's creation, the German-speaking "DACH" region.

Taking place on the Classic map, you'll be treated to beautiful views of 50 landmarks and 50 cities from around Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. You'll also experience some of the local culture with 11 new goods (replacing some Classic goods) and new product chains. While you enjoy the culture, you'll also have the opportunity to meet some of the locals with new workers, as well as new goods.

The upcoming version of Origin Journey has the additional perk of being x2 speed, which means you can experience and explore the fabulous sights of the DACH region more quickly, though it also means you need to work faster in a shorter timeframe. There will only be one round of Origin Journey x2, so don't miss your chance to experience this journey!

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Published 14 October 2021

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