Embark On An Epic Historical Adventure in Odysseus: Long Way Home!

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What type of game is this?

Odysseus: Long Way Home is a semi-open world hidden object adventure! You can explore different scenes to find the items you need, making the game much more expansive than other hidden object games. There are also other mini-games thrown into the mix, allowing you to enjoy this game based on the legends of Troy in multiple ways.

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Why should you try Odysseus: Long Way Home?

Highly enjoyable gameplay

As the protagonist in this game, it is your responsibility to prepare for battle as you defend your city and loved ones. The success or failure of your campaign rests solely on your shoulders! You will have to go through a semi-open world of hidden object gameplay as you find items that will aid you, as well as remove items that might get in your way. With so many things to look out for, this game is one that will test your abilities in sussing out all that you require in every scene!

Besides its semi-open world concept that is refreshing in hidden object games, the variety of minigames incorporated within Odysseus: Long Way Home also adds an enjoyable element to the game. This breaks the monotony of only finding hidden objects, and adds deeply to the fun levels of the game.

You will be awestruck!

The developers of Odysseus: Long Way Home made an enchanting universe for all to enjoy. Besides its beautiful graphics, attention to details in every scene, and the realistic interpretation of the objects in that timeframe, the game also comes with lifelike sound effects and music. This immersive game experience will take you away from the monotony of everyday life, and help you escape into the game universe.

Odysseus: Long Way Home Adjustable difficulty levels!

Whether you are a hardcore hidden object detective on Sherlock Holmes' level, or you're a budding investigator just starting out in the hidden object genre, Odysseus: Long Way Home caters to all. You can adjust the difficulty level to suit your gameplay needs, and turn it up or down whenever you need. This ensures that your gameplay continuity remains fun and enjoyable!

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Escape into Odysseus: Long Way Home! The immersive game universe will provide you with a brief respite from the monotony of everyday life, and this is a highly enjoyable game in its own right too. This is a popular and well-received game too, so download it and try it for yourself!

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Published 18 May 2023

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