Dive into the Hidden Object game of mystique, House of 1000 Doors 3: Serpent Flame!

What is this game about?

4.4 Rating - 242 Votes

House of 1000 Doors 3: Serpent Flame is a Hidden Object game with fantastic and mystical elements. In it, you go back to the titular house as you try to solve an ancient mystery of an apocalyptic scale.

The story of the game starts really strong, even before you press the start button. You see a metropolis completely destroyed, and flying up high is a manor. This can only lead to many questions, leaving the player hungry for answers as they watch the intro cutscene. As it turns out, it is not just this one city but the whole world that has been affected by this calamity.

Can you return things to what it was before and prevent this disaster from happening?

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Published 15 October 2023

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