Investigate The Enigmatic Mystery and Prevent an Apocalypse in House of 1000 Doors: Evil Inside

A Captivating Plot That Decides The Fate of The World

3.8 Rating - 264 Votes

The narrative of this hidden object game unfolds powerfully, even before you've had a chance to press the start button. A destroyed metropolis fills your screen, and high above it all floats an imposing manor. This intriguing sight raises numerous questions, leaving players eager for answers as they watch the introductory cutscene. As it unfolds, it becomes clear that not just one city, but the entire world has been ravaged by this catastrophe. The cause? A meteorite plummeting from the heavens carrying an ancient purple curse that transforms people into violent beings and animates lifeless objects with a malevolent spirit.

This curse wreaks havoc on everything within its reach. Yet, there's one place that remains untouched - the renowned House of 1000 Doors: Evil Inside. This house has risen into the sky, providing sanctuary for its inhabitants from the dangers that have befallen the planet. In this whirlwind of events, you step into the shoes of Kate, a newcomer to the house who is barely aware of what is happening outside. Despite her lack of knowledge, she's the only one capable of countering this curse in this mystery game. Her ability to summon light proves invaluable when dealing with cursed objects.

While this detective game setting is undeniably fantastical, it adopts a rather grim tone. The color palette is subdued, featuring washed-out hues that radiate a perpetual sense of dread. Despite this somber atmosphere, the backgrounds and characters are beautifully crafted and detailed. The areas you navigate give off a dark Renaissance vibe and are filled with elements for interaction and storytelling about the house's history.

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Published 20 June 2024

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